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Miller is the core member of the year to help the wild horse to win the championship. But after that, the wild horses were absent from the playoffs for more than four consecutive seasons, only one season winning rate exceeded 50%, which failed to ensure that they could not have more than half a consecutive season.

The raids were squatted by Ryan Kerrigan and Jonathan Allen, once again been forced to go out. Since then, the red skin and the raid will abandon the kick, and the red skin takes away the hand, Claude gives the ball and picks up the ball in the collision, James Cowser picked up the ball to & mdash; & mdash; yes, that is That once guest Beijing, James Caber. Rachels found this opportunity, Delhi Carl passed the close-up Cook, and 21 yards were brought down. Red Leather 21: 7 leading raids.

The Cardinals game on the defensive team group completed only one quarterback sack, defensive end Robert Frost – Rocker (Frostee Rucker) 28 times rushed pass only surrendered one hit the quarterback data, it is clear Cardinals defensive line encountered no small trouble, but fortunately cornerback Patrick – Peterson (Patrick Peterson) performance is still stable, their opponents scored only anti zone 2 catches, of course, one of which is that super ball.

Panthers this season, the most important thing offensive ground attack, in which the running back Jonathan – after Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) return from injury, especially the last game against the Seattle Seahawks game he completed 106 yards rushing and for the team He scored two touchdowns, which is the Panthers ground attack has been the key this season, plus Kanmu – Newton (Cam Newton) their ability to run the ball the next race which is the focus of the Panthers score means. The Panthers passing is now the most stable Greg – Olsen (Greg Olsen), the last game against the Seahawks game he scored 77 yards and a touchdown, and his sixth pick ball for the team with the first attack, almost arranged the team’s mid-range ball-point, or not so good Olson play a large extent determines the Panthers passing attack.

Cardinals offense this season, had to Tila Li – Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald), the 32-year-old veteran external hand this season, ushered in a second peak of his career, in the last week against Green Bay Packers game he completed 176 yards and a touchdown catch performance, including the 75 yards in overtime to decide the outcome of the ball. The Cardinals game on quarterback Palmer completed three touchdown passes in the performance of 349 yards, just two steals a little surprised, perhaps because the Cardinals only reason tried to run the ball 18 times , running back David – Johnson (David Johnson) had completed only 25 yards forward, obviously Cardinals ground attack next game will do a lot of adjustments.

Panthers game last week in the second-line defense group encountered no small trouble, Seahawks Panthers cornerback Robert – McLean (Robert McClain) side scored 63 yards and a touchdown, while the star cornerback Josh – Norman (Josh Norman) here also opponents scored 57 yards and a touchdown, but fortunately Luke – Ji Kuli (Luke Kuechly) stabilizing, limiting the success of the Seahawks ground.

The US time Friday, the 50th Super Bowl of the 50th Super Bowl, one of the top players in the Cheap Nfl Jerseys Alliance, Feng Miller completed the renewal of Denver’s wild horse, and his guarantee was $ 70 million. This is almost top-level income in the alliance, which may be the highest defensive player in the league history.

Wild Hemoching Hand Feng – Miller disappointing team once again no one game

After getting a super bowl of champions, the Denver Morn Horse once again missed the playoffs and didn’t know how they could renovate brilliant.

But when we review this summer NBA contract we found that 15 players have more than Miller, 3 with Miller’s income, and this still does not include Kevin Durant and Ribron James (Lebron) James) This short-term contract high-income star player.

Johnson believes that he and Evre have completed their work well, but from the data, the difference between the two people is not small. The Avre’s average code is 5.7, while Johnson is only 3.5. During the attack, although Johnson Biveri became a target, the number of results was 32 yards. Maybe Johnson said halfway, the team did need to give more ball to the running guard, not the Geno Smith, which is always under pressure. But the correct method of handling should be more opportunities to Evre, rather than heavy use of Johnson.

Chris Johnson hopes that the team increases ground attack

Recently, many New York jet fans appealed that the team should reduce the number of buses running to Kris Johnson, and let Chris Ivory participate in more attacks. In this regard, Johnson certainly holds different perspectives. When this week was interviewed, Cheap Jerseys From china Johnson said to the reporter: “There is no doubt that we all hope that the team can use the ground attack. Team should be 35 to 40 times a game, let us have more opportunities to hold the ball. We all need more opportunities to touch the ball, and a game is only 10 times or 12 times. Many times, our tactical choices are related to the war, but we always force our own difficulties, This is not good. “

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