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Grams is in a hurry, and the rest of the pirate list includes Harrovs, Ryan Smith, Javien Elliott and Daiji-Ola DEJI OLATOYE. Ola Tuhhhjobs have just signed with pirates, Smith and Elio have played 80 files.

Nike Patriots #23 Patrick Chung Navy Blue Team Color Super Bowl LI 51 Men's Stitched NFL New Elite JerseyNothing Brent Grimes and Robert McClain have not participated in training for two consecutive days. Last week, Vernon Hargreaves changed to the smoked angle, McLean and Gremus took on the position of the outer corner.

The most recent players who have been labeled by wild horses & mdash; & mdash; offensive cut off Ryan Clady and End Madmans-Thomas & Mdash; & mdash; signed before the training camp There is no training period training before the appointment.

Beijing time on September 14th, 8:20 early, 8:20, US Eastern China, 8:20 on September 13, a Mei Lianbei District Civil War opened the next wife’s second week. Cincinnati Tiger sites in the town of Paul-Brown Stadium, Welcome Bar’s Mosa Crow. The two teams played in the last season for the 17th week of the last season, and the Tiger, which took the road to fight in the last time, and sent Buffalo Biro into the playoffs. In the last week, Pittsburgh Steelman and the Cleveland Battle, and the crow and tigers were overcome, so the winners of this game will temporarily pay the United States.

In order to win the first position, Kelnik must restore health, before he is on the left shoulder, the right thumb and knees are processed in the offset period. He is still in the restoration of health.

The performance of Ehib is improved in the next half of the season. He bought 25 times this season, 15 of which came from 7 weeks. The biggest problem in Ehib Lan is to understand the tactics, he needs to learn the team’s offensive tactics during the offset period. If you want to become a first, he needs to do more for the team. Although the opening is not smooth, the future of Ehib is still worth looking forward to. Granham has only a ball 356 yards, and this number increases to 1310 yards in the second season. The same situation also occurs on Jordan Cameron and Julus Thomas, they are all waiting until the third season, ushered in real outbreaks.

Pete Carroll, said that it is necessary to know the two people later. According to him, according to him, Wagner also needs to decide before the game, and Wright Week is “good”, there is a chance Timely through the brain shock inspection process, playing the game for the ram.

According to local media reports, Katnik “slightly” recovered the pass training. He is expected to be licensed in the end of this month or in June. After the recovery of strength training last month and the performance of other people last month, this is the latest signal.

Bobby Wagner and K.J.Wright (K.j. Wright) are giving a third section of the competition for the United States to leave. Wagner’s leg gluten was wounded when the Brandon Linder was confronted, and Lite was blocked when it was blocked by Tommy Bohanon.

The rookie of the lion is close to the end: I was overestimated.When the near-end Friek Eric Embown (Eric Ebron) was selected by the Detroum of Detroum, many people regarded him as the next Jim-Graham (Jimmy Graham). ). However, in November, he was selected for the “most disappointing new show” selected by the NFL official website. On Wednesday, Ehib talked about his rookie season, he thought he was overestimated.

Haiying line Weiwa Garna and Wright will be suspicious next weekThe Hawie-Eagle Defensive Group has three starting membership reimbursement, but next week, they may still lack two starting line guards in the critical civil war of decisions next week.

Ebrand said: “This is a reality. The media has conducted excessive propaganda to me, putting me in an environment where I don’t belong to my. I was selected, I was selected, the problem was very simple, but the media will It is complicated. Now, my rookie season has ended, and now the only thing to do is only continuing. “

Karenik is more suitable in the team’s new coach – Kelly’s offensive system and has a greater contract, if the two people are fierce, this may make him advantage. However, it is reported that the team is dominated in the current training. To win the first, Katnik must respond to health. Passing is the first step in testing your own health.

49 people quad-saving Kayik resumes pass trainingColin Kaepernick still stays in 49 people in San Francisco and Wholesale jerseys it is unlikely. Unless 49 people suddenly cut off him, Capeni seems to be destined to spend the 2016 season in 49 people, which means he will compete with BLINE Gabbert.

Regardless of whether rice is really participating in the rest training. According to the arrangement If he is advanced in the “Dance of the Star” program, he will participate in the next round of competition on April 18. However, Taribu has reaffirmed Miller to express the idea of ​​taking a break training.

Wild Horse Karete Turb: Feng-Miller will participate in the training period trainingAfter winning the super bowl since Denver wild horse, Von Miller appeared in every place, including the “Dance Dancing” and the Star “show, but a teammate believes that he will participate in the wild horse from next Monday. Counseling training.

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