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In April this year, Bolding officially determined that he would continue his 15th professional season. 2016 Sailkin participated in 16 games in the Detroit Decheng, 67 buses pushed 584 yards and 8 reached, his success rate of up to 70.5%, this is the second high of his career.

Free player Ankan – Bolden is favored by a multi-team

Free players take over, Aquan Boldin, will not stay away from the stadium. At present, he may go back to his hometown or go to a superb bowl of popular team playing.

According to Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China TV reporter Ian Rapoport, after seeing experts on Friday, the New York Jet Subject 4-point guard is expected to be only absent from 1 to 2. Game. Flak accepted the intervertebral disc repair surgery in April, and there was no problem in the recent check and finally inspected in early September in accordance with the plan.

This season the Giants have a lot of people because of injuries season. Wide receiver Odell – David Beckham (Odell Beckham), Brandon – Marshall (Brandon Marshall) and Dwyane – Harris (Dwayne Harris) in the fifth week the Giants lost to the San Diego Chargers offensive game after another injury setback Group. In the next game they lacked two linebacker and defensive group will probably be the best red setter Olivier – Vernon (Olivier Vernon).

It is worthy of confidence: first to boast the tiger lineup, attack the front line starlight, plus the first two rounds of this year’s draft conference, the front line of the tiger is still five years, plus the running 卫 双 人 杰杰 – – Hill Complement with the Giovani-Bernard style, the pavement of the tiger is in the future. It is true, A.j. Gen and Gin-Atkins’s prestimacy have misunderstand that the tiger is a team that relies on the star playing. It is just contrary to the days of their injured, and the tigers have not fallen. Two years ago, left arsenal Clint – Bo Ling injured, leader Andrew Witworth eyebrows did not lift it, he was willing to reassure the left cut off, which may be the concentrated expression of the team culture. If Andy Dalton is reimbursed tomorrow, I still believe that the Tiger is a play-in-one competition for the team. The reason is very simple. This is a team of coaches. Unconsciously, Marvin-Lewis coached a birth map, and the last six seasons were five-in-rank game, reflecting the team’s stability, his eyes are extremely standard, rarely choosing water, and is good at tuning young people, Lewis I rarely lose my temper, or he is good at letting the assistant lose their players, but they are like a kind father smile, and they are very good, let the players are grateful to Dade, born to death. In addition, two coach and three coordinators in today’s alliance have worked in Lewis, which proves that League can not be tireless.

After losing the front guard Justin Ridge Berg and – in the case of injury Pew (Justin Pugh), the Giants will have against Aaron in the end – when Donald (Aaron Donald) of the Los Angeles Rams offensive line starters only two players . Brett – Jones (Brett Jones) will serve as the center again tackles Bobby – Hart (Bobby Hart) will replace the position of Pew.

Houston Texans defensive end Angelo – Kobe Eriksson (Angelo Blackson) became the American League Player of the Week SWAT team. In the 24-21 victory over the Tennessee Titans in the game, Kobe Eriksson blocked a kick in the first wave of attack opponents.

Minnesota Vikings kicker Dan – Bailey (Dan Bailey) became the National League Player of the Week SWAT team. In the 39-10 victory over the Los Angeles Lightning game, Bailey had 15 points for the team, he hit all four free-kick and three touchdowns additional points shot.

Jacksonville American Tiger Saturday made a series of changes to reduce lineup to 80 people. The old defensive cut Rode Ni-Gunte is placed in a non-football injury list. In addition, the American tiger gives up the rookie run Wei Tailian-Fster (Tyler Gauthier), a new show offensive front line player Steven Nielsen and a rookie Kicking Brandon Wright, cutting Safety Digital – Doug Middleton.

The 35-year-old Vlak signed a contract with the jet in May. Last season, he was first in Denver wild horse in 8 games in the season, but then reimbursed due to neck injury season. His passage success rate was 65.3% last season, and the new career is high, but only passes 227.8 yards, and a total of 6 times of 5 times of 5 passes is copied. The horses have only 2 wins and 6 losses.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew – Brisbane (Drew Brees) became the National League Offensive Player of Week. In the 34-7 victory over the Indianapolis Colts in the game, get 307 yards passing Brisbane 4 touchdowns, became the most complete array of passing for several players. In addition, he in the game 30 29 successful passes, passing success rate of 96.7% also created NFL record.

The offensive front line player Spreader Long will sign 49 people in San Francisco. A long-lasting season of 6 years of experience is Buffalo Bore, playing 14 games. He did 13 games for the New York jet for the New York jet, and it was for 4 years for Washington football team. He has a striker and center experience 29 years old.

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