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VIENNA, AUSTRIA / ACCESSWIRE / January 10, 2022 / News of Rotharium is spreading quite fast throughout Blockchain circles! Being one of the first token’s from Austria, it already enjoys trust and partnerships with a multitude of businesses and state institutions throughout the country, and especially its capital – Vienna. This does not come as a surprise as the team of developers working on this token (legally defined as a voucher) has more than 17 years of experience in different IT areas. These areas include telecommunication, ERP, project management, security, software development and blockchain technologies. The vision that CEO Tomislav Matic has set is to combine those different types of expertise and offer an integrated solution for businesses through blockchain technology. They are taking on real-world problems that businesses face and are addressing several crypto-related concerns head-on. They are working on solutions for the lack of utility, major overvaluation and the failure to tie the value of a token to its utility.

Nothing speaks clearer than results, so what are the milestones of Rotharium’s development?

It started with an ICO in 2017. Crypto Future, the development organization of Rotharium, has also created several blockchain applications: Rotharium platform, Rotharium wallet, Rotharium EBI and the supply chain solution Rotharium Food, used for food tracing that generates the most interest. In September 2021, the companies Crypto Future and Kurant GmbH joined forces to create great things for the crypto market: In addition to Bitcoins and Co., the Austrian cryptocurrency Rotharium was added to the company’s Bitcoin ATMs. This token is currently available on 100+ ATMs in Austria, with plans set in motion to spread to other European countries in 2022. Crypto Future even covers the costs of transactions until January 31, 2022. Soon after this milestone was reached, it became possible to trade Rotharium on the Bittrex Global Platform.

CEO Tomislav Matic explains “For the company Crypto Future, as the developer of the Rotharium token, it was important to find a secure and strong crypto trading platform that also complies with European guidelines in dealing with cryptocurrencies. With the Bittrex Global exchange headquartered in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, a partner has been found who follows clear regulatory rules and is accessible to customers worldwide. Also, this platform is a very well-known and is a secure crypto trading platform. For projects like Rotharium, it offers ideal access to the international audience and has a variety of interesting projects listed so that the right trading pairs can be found for small and large traders. The collaboration with the trading platform Bittrex Global aims to make Rotharium even better known and make it accessible to even more buyers. However, this is just the beginning. Further major projects will be implemented this year – Stay tuned. As of this moment, Rotharium is available in the aforementioned Bittrex Global, but also on and Uniswap. Rotharium is accepted as a voucher beyond the borders of Austria. Though this has already started with the publisher of EXclusive Magazine in Slovakia accepting Rotharium as a voucher for booking the advertisement.

Under strong leadership and powered by creative innovation, Rotharium has proven over the past three and a half years that it can weather any turmoil in the crypto market.

It is a cryptocurrency that has not seen major declines. With a strong anchor and community in their locality, it is a matter of time when worldwide attention will be brought to this project and dramatically increase the network around it.

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Company: Crypto Future GmbH
Contact Name: Tomislav Matic, CEO & Co-Founder

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