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Patriot Corner Gilmore talks: just want yourselfPatriot Cor Step Von-Gilmore hopes to get a new contract, but also explicitly in the lift season, the means include not participating in the mini training camp.

Although the basic salary is not high, the salary space occupied by Gilmoor is not low. Since his contract has entered the last year, the patriot will not rely on the restructuring contract to reduce space and can only sign New Testament or renewal with Gilmore.

After the fifth week of Aaron Brewer wrist fracture, the rickets were signed with Drescher. His departure means that Bruul has been returned. Drakel is 29 years old, playing 8 games in the Rasht, and the long-opened player in the saints in the past six seasons.

Even if the status is not as good as in the past, Peterson can still dedicate a good performance. He found the biggest hindrance to the new East is to find an offensive system that is suitable for yourself. As a majority of running guards that can only be played in the first two gear, he is not suitable for certain teams, and the poor performance in Saints proves this.

Brisbane game 34 passes 15 successes 234 yards three touchdowns 1 passes steals. In his career, played in 285 games, 44.1% passing success rate is the eighth of his career pass completion rate of less than 50%, the 2013 season is the first time since the sixth week.

“This makes me feel surprised,” Peterson said. “I have a good training camp. This can be seen in the video until this week has been the main level training opportunity. I was taken yesterday by the running guards to tell them to some training opportunities for young people, but I didn’t expect it. Crazy, there is no sign. Today, Ron Rivera said that layoffs is always difficult, but we will cut off you and use such offensive tactics. I respect the coach. “

The defeat Saints behind the Green Bay Packers 1 ½ games in the National League top seed in the competition, but the Saints prove in this game they can head to head with the league’s best team. They need to stay healthy for the playoffs as possible in the next two weeks.

In the 2018 season, Peterson scored 1042 yards. The 898 yards in the last season were the highest. Although 35 years old, Peterson still proves that he can charge it. Last season he completes 211 murders, with average of 4.3 yards per shock, complete 6 20 yards, more than 6, more than the union, multiple big-name runs.

This makes people who are arguing this group, which member will become the best in the next time, but Mike Evans, this last year’s selection first round is selected. External handle not only puts the goal in the rookie of alliances last year. “I am trying to become the best player,” he said to the media.

One way he completed this goal is to train together with the stars and the star Moss, and he will train once before the pirates of Tampawan, July. Evans hopes that such training can make him play a bigger role in the Red Area. He believes that the opponent defensive group in the rookie season can limit itself. “The quadrant will pretend to see me, then I will not pass me,” Evans said. “I didn’t understand it at the time, because I always think I am in the empty gear. As long as I pass the ball out of the ball.”

Although Peterson has a lot of opportunities to train together with the starting lineup during the training camp and is considered to continue to serve as the main running guard, the new show Antonio Gibson is very bright. This year’s three-wheeled show can play a role in the pass attack, he should be the largest player who benefits Cheap jerseys from china Peterson. In addition, the Washington team has Bryce Love and PEYTON Barber, which is suitable for playing in the first two interfaces, JD McKissic can be a ball. Run.

After this year, Jameis Winston served as a pirate four-point guard, even if the opponent’s defensive group tend to defend Evans, the team may be more willing to pass toward him. It is very similar to Mosc, and Evans has a body and ball technology to win the competition for the ball. Pirates should try to play these advantages this season.

Agdo West has not played a regular season. Pente has played 3 games for the Sapphire Stained Group. He is a six-round show of Danfo wild horse in 2013, once stayed in the wild horse, Brown, giants, dolphins and red skin.

Washington coach Rivira previously talked about the leadership of Pipeson as a young running guard. But with the day of the layoffs, the Washington team decided to leave younger and more comprehensive running guards.

Brisbane played poorly early in the game, 6 passes without a successful passes and 1 steals. This is the largest number of passes he tried before the first pass success in the game & mdash; & mdash; he had been up to try the game before the first pass success 4 passes. But he quickly rebounded, completed three passing touchdowns. Saints in the second half erase the points difference was 14 points and the lead, and later also remain chance of winning.

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