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Summarize the idea of ​​Harry. Because he didn’t have a lot of play time in the face of steel people, he did not receive a lot of appearance time, the first game was defeated in the fourth week, and the second is that the chief is lost at home in the playoffs. In addition, Harry believes that the chief did not respect his payment for the team.

Judi Nielsen considers the injury to the game

Although the four-headed muscular injuries, the external hand of Green Bay packaging workers, Jordy Nelson, still considering the competition of Sunday to Sinnati Tiger.

He was injured again in the second week of the season, but it didn’t take long before he fought the team’s next game and completed 46 yards to advance 41 yards. Rexi said: “Obviously I will not suffer from my foot injury, I can contribute a lot of good sports.”

Coach John Hubble: The new season will know more about the crow

In the last season of the season, the biggest hot one of the superb bowls of the championship is the final session of the collar accident.

At the time of the interview on Friday: “I have considered this program for a long time. I and Sherman have been discussing this possibility, and he also knows if I need He participated in the attack, I would tell him. “This is also a paragraph that Sherman said earlier this week. He said when he accepts the” Seattle Times “:” I am going to take over. Defensive players can hardly Anti-me, so this is this, I should have a good performance. “

However, this season is different from the 2013 season, the packageman has a healthy Aaron Rodgers, the team’s bench is sufficient, so Leis is needed to be incident rather than fast recovery like a rookie season.

“Before the start of the season, we are as with iceberg,” Crow coach John Hubble (John Harbaugh). “The strength we can play is like the part of the iceberg in the water. People have not seen it. From the new season, we will not be the iceberg. People will know our strength. We will become every The most important opponent of the support team. “

New Orleans signed the front lightning striker Chris Watt

Beijing June 20th Xin Orleans Saint Center Max-Angle hopes to be ready to participate in the new season after the offset period, but hope may also fall, so the Saint A stroke was signed.

When the 2018 season began, Joe Flacco or the first quarter of the crow. In the season, Lamar Jackson replaced the injured Flak became the first. The crow is barely enter the playoffs and loses the ball in the first round, and the outside world still questioned Jackson’s strength.

Harry continued to say: “Does anyone need me in the chief? I am very healthy before the season and before the season. I have accepted minimally invasive surgery but this is not big surgery. I am not absent in the 11 years of the emirate. Over-break train. I just missed 4 games in the 11th Aijack. Let’s take a look at the Super Bowl Champion Team. I am sure that they are attending 100% in the training period this year. I may be wrong. “

Carol said: “Of course, Shelman is really a good external hand, we can see his good control of the ball when you witness his defensive ability, he should be happy to be able to hold it. So he is ready Ok, once the situation is urgent, he knows that I will call him. “

Watt was selected in San Diego lightning in 2014, and he first sent 5 games in 12 games participated in the rookie season. His second-grade season was injured, he had to start a new season after he was unable to appear in the next year, but he was turned off by lightning in November last year.

The “emergency” mentioned in Carol should be injured. However, with the downturn of the attack and this week will face the Arizona of the Alliance, if Doug-Baldwin, the ball is unable to complete the ball, Carol is likely to be Publish an emergency state.

“They are very hot about this,” Hubble said that the playoffs said. “They are dissatisfied with this. I look forward to our players to learn from this game and understand how to defeat your team to defeat your team.”

Eddie-Rexi is not in the ankle injury

The rookie season Eddi-Lexi (Eddie Lac) has never been able to get rid of the trouble of ankle injury. And recently he does not seem to hurt the ankle injury to affect your game.

Then in the 2019 season, Jackson and crow offensive group scraped a whirlwind in the alliance. Defensive group performance continues to improve. They became a Meidian No. 1 seed with 14 wins and 2, and they got the United States of the United States and gave some dazzling data. At least at the beginning of the season, wholesale Jerseys many opponents in the crow don’t understand them.

Harry also said: “I am first a team player. I am willing to do anything for the team. I can continue to put down the opponent quartz, but I can’t do this in the 7th defense. I am in the middle of your whole career It is not because all injuries are not because I feel in the best state, but I love the game and participate in the game in some worst cases. “

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