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The patriot takes over Endlman: discussion is very stupidOn July 17, after the reversal won the Super Bowl champion, the new England patriots reinforced the lineup during this year, which looks further to lead the league of other teams.

Although Fonte did not appear, this did not affect the American tiger to take the patriot in Tuesday 31-20. Subject to T. J. Yerton (T. J. Yeldon) 10 times, pushing 58 yards, Jaguching team 24 times, pushing 104 yards.

It seems that Donald’s dismissal is possible, the team meets last week and his delegates, but there is no substantive result, and it seems that Donald will take the weight of the resistance to the resistance.

“Take Anthony is important to the Kansas City for us.” John Dorsey, “John Dorsey, said,” He not only brought us in the game, but his character, professionalism and Leaders also make the team get better and better. Although outsiders may underestimate the role of Anthony, he is indeed a unsearous ring that guarantees the team victory. “

Emirates Renewal All Anthony – Shelman a yearThe Kansas Emirates announced the team’s best offensive in Tuesday and the Union to open the road people & mdash; & mdash; Anthony Sherman renewed for one year.

Viking four points Sam – Bradford is now confidentOn July 24th, last year, Minnesota Viking people completed heavy injuries after the first quarter bridgewater knees were seriously injured, completed heavy transactions, get the front-fee city eagle 4 points Sam – Brad SAM Bradford. This transaction completed the second few days before the start of the 2016 season, which made Bradford must quickly learn new tactical manuals.

This sign is not risky. Anderson had seen a period of time in the past two seasons, but he did not show this performance throughout the season. Obviously, the wild horse believes that Anderson has the ability to do this.

The Firenete leg-teng injury fails to play the second week of competition, but according to the team official report, he participated in the training on Wednesday. The Jaguchi has two training after this, and Firenet should have sufficient time to prepare.

This is an important step for Elvi, and the wild horse has lost a number of key players after opening the free player market, including Brock Osweiler, Defense Tricks, Malik Jackson Malik Jackson and line Wendean Danny Trevathan. Leave an excellent young player like Anderson to ensure that the offensive group can continue with a new quarter-saving. Last season Anderson acquired 720 yards in 152 sho, 5 times in the first team.

“Obviously, last year is very unique, I have never been in that case, I don’t think many people are in this case,” Bradford said. “But here is here, you can participate in training, you can participate in meeting learning, really sit down and learn to attack tactics and what we try to do, and add the first 8, 9 days before last year, join the team to learn Everything is much better than now. “

After having a lot of excellent players and there is no wavelerance, the patriot has been considered to accomplish the history of the epic level that they are all completed nearly 10 years ago: the 19-winning season.

“When you have a national football alliance, this kind of thing is afraid of thinking about it is very stupid,” Edelman said on Saturday. “I have never been done before. You won’t really discuss this kind of thing. My concern is more in the new season, trying to be familiar with the teammates, build my own identity.”

When the patriots were not able to complete the 19th contest in the Super Bowl, Edrman had just completed their big three seasons. After leaching Cheap Jerseys from China quarter-saving, he plays an important role in the patriot’s offensive group. Since I become a four-point Wei Tom Brady (Tom Brady), the 31-year-old Edelman has completed 356 bolts in the past four seasons.

In addition, offensive front line members A.j. A.j. Cann) (three-head muscles) and Jeremy Parnell (Knee) also participated in the training. Yellton (ankle), Running Brandon Wilds (sick), Brandon Linder (Knee) and near-end Austin – Svertin (Austin) Seferian-jenkins (core muscle group) did not participate in training.

“Just playing with C.j. and knows that we are very happy to match the contract,” Mustang General Manager John Elway “is stated on the twitter. “We have high expectations for C.j. We are very happy to come back!”

Jaguji runs Wei Fu Net will return to trainBeijing September 20th Jacksonville American Tiger won a good news on Wednesday: Leonard Fournette returned to the training, it is expected to play the third week of Titan’s game.

ESPN reported that the Maka has notified Anderson who has already matched the contract to him. This decision ensures that Anderson will stay in the wild horse with a contract of $ 18 million in 4 years. Anderson confirmed this news on twitter.

At the same time, the Dolphins in Lamar Miller joined to Houston Texas, facing huge vacancy in the running guard. After a lot of top running guards in the free player market, the dolphins may use a high selection right to choose an running guard.

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