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Abdellis, known as Wisconsin, was born in Wisconsin, later entered the University of Wisconsin, and then was selected by the Wisconsin’s most loved team. But to see the Wisconsin’s son to receive the passing of Aaron Rodgers and even completed the reachable, it seems to wait for the last year.

Pagano said that Rark was injured in the first time at some point in the fourth quarter, which allowed to play the possibilities of the Thanksgiving battle against the steel people. Pagano does not predict whether Rac can pass before the game.

Assassin runs to Siya – Klovi Leon tearBeijing May 2, the first round of Joh Ja Jacobs has not participated in the training of Auckland raids, will definitely need to increase the workload in the new season.

This is a heavy blow to Klovil, who is signed with the raid one year. His performance in New York Jet last season is disappointing, complete 143 shots to get 685 yards 6 times, he hopes to revitalize career at the raid.

Talking about the Saint-Run, Mark Engraham, Alvin-Kamara is the top player of the league. Of course, Mike Geelisry this name, the patriot fans should be unfamiliar. The patriot abandoned the new season to the Saint Saint.

Although the last level is still not considerable, XFL also helps many players to receive the second chance, currently quadruple P.J. Walker, Walker, etc. The NFL team has been thrown out of the olive branch.

Wisconsin’s sub-season reimbursement packaging workers lost potential new starsThe new season has not yet started, the packaging team has lost a potential new star. They have 5 rounds of Show this year, and Jared Abbredris is diagnosed out of the ACL (former cross ligament) injury and reimbursed season.

According to informed people, the Pony plans to make Scott Tolzien, this 29-year-old four-point guard career is only 2 times. In addition to the first season of Green Bay packaging, Toshen has not yet been in the regular season since 2013.

In the 2013 season, the wild horses have become the first single game for 600 teams, and Gez said: “It has been very special in the past three years, winning those games, impact the super bowl, then defeat, some things you can’t make guarantees “

These three players are positioned outside, and their responsibilities on the field are coming back. If a player you choose is both an outer hand, a team of work, it can be brushed into two types of Vantivi.

The Bill team only had 3 points in the first battle, and it is too miserable to defeat the crow of Baltimore. As the first quarter of the Bill team, Peterman appeared nearly 3 knots, 5 times in 18 times, only to advance 24 yards, and 2 copies and 3 kills, quad-branch 8! can not be lower! Fanterxi’s total score -0.9.

Now, in addition to Jacobs, the raid guards also have Jalen Richard, Deandre Washington and Chris Warren, but The two are more suitable for playing in the pass attack. Warren is currently the only running guard who is suitable for the initial attack in addition to Jacobs. The raid person may check the next time to assume this task.

Wild Horse This season 12 wins and 4 wins, with the second seed of the United States, the first game of the three-day wheel, the team’s first game will begin on January 11. The team’s young and a forced coach became one of the most credible people. However, Gates currently said that he just concentrate on how to return the wild horse again to the super bowl: “This opportunity is very good, many people meet me Discussing the coach, this makes me surprised, but I still have to focus on the war we are about to begin. “

If you chose the following players in the first week, the Vanti Western explodedYesterday, “Everyday cheap Nfl jerseys from China” Zhou Champion shared his lineup choices. Today we come to count the first week of alternative player data, if you choose these players last week, they will definitely bring you happiness and surprises.

Manning said that he attaches great importance to Gees’ opinions: “It is very important to communicate with him. I understand that he needs me to fight for him. Of course, his current opportunity is quite good. This is the affirmation he should get, of course those The stress of the team with him will be great. “

Gain will meet with the management of 49 people in San Francisco on Friday, then in Saturday he will meet with the management of the Chicago Bear team, and Buffalobier also said that it will be with this 36 years old. Coach doing communication.

Gain began to serve in the post of the quarter-off coach in 2011, the quarter-saving Tim Tebow, who defeated the Pingsburg steel in that season, then Pedon Man PEYTON Manning arrived, he transformed into an offensive coordinator.

At the beginning of the game, Geelis gave a contributing to the team as a team member of the special group; & mdash; completed the attack on the enemy, but unfortunately, it was not a fantes. Perhaps it is a coach to find out his diligence. The first segment has got the opportunity to rotate, the top 2 touches a total of 7 yards, rushing out 1 first attack, and manifests the rules. The third touches, Geelis rushed out of 2 yards, and seeing Fantersee to break 1, suddenly hit the ball, picked up the opponent, and directly reached.

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