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Nowadays, Charles SIMS is injured and undertaken the main task of the team’s backfinder. Martin’s location gradually appeared and embarrassing. Like Chris Johnson, like the end of Tennessee Thai, Martin lacks enough vision and patience, so he is difficult to open the defensive player.

White has been troubled by knee injury over the past two years, it is early to be invincible. Now he has no obvious advantage in a pair of one, and it has lost the ability to advance after the ball. However, as a veteran that has been fighting for 11 years in the Alliance, I have been selected for professional bowls, White is worthy of everyone’s respect.

Briguwater: I hope Peterson leaves in Viking.

Whether Adrian Peterson can stay in Minnesota or an unknown, although the external rumors continue, the Viking’s players are still confident in the core of this offensive. The young quartz Datewater expressed his wish in continuing partnership with Peterson on Monday’s interviews on Monday.

Davis said in the online social media: “I asked the Thai to his girlfriend last night. He sang me.” This is too interesting. “Local time Monday, Tai Oi learned about this matter after choosing social media Davis: “Last season, there are still many people to harass me in the game. I have passed this season. So I have passed in the game:” I told him in the game: & lsquo; think about a new joke. & Rsquo; “

Tyoly has become a focus of concern because of the “fake girlfriend incident” during the university, and he has proved his own reasons through his own performance. Although there are very few people who have rejuvenated the old things, some opponents will still take “black history” in the game, and 49 people attack the disappointment of Antanyi-Davis (Anthony Davis) is one of them.

Norman: White is just a fight against Falcon

Carolina Black Leopard, Josh Norman, was taken by Atlant Fematch Earl. Julio Jones and the language of Roddy White. attack. As the best defensive player this season, Norman is naturally unwilling to do this, he is hit at an interview on Wednesday.

Run Martin is about to draw with pirate?

Since the last moon Dao-Martin burst into the training ground, this running guards a layer of shadows in the future of Tampawan pirates. Moreover, the average distance from Martin is only 3.25 yards per time, such a performance is difficult to satisfactorily.

Norman said: “I know that Hario is their number one pick-up hand. As for Rodd, he should be a pick-up of the 5th. After the near-end and running guards. I remember that only 1 this season. I will take the ball, I think we will do everything we can limit him. “

Miller continued the latest developments hope not the final chicken flying egg

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon on Friday, the deadline using the privilege label is approaching, and also von & middot; Miller and wild horses gradually close to the renewal agreement.

The black panther defensive front line coach said that the Pebz worship is not reduced.

A defensive end of Julius Peppers, this year’s offering period, as a free player returned to the old master Black Leopard. The people here still hopes to him.

There is a message indicating that the pirate team will use the backfinder of Xitas and Bobby Rainey, while Mike James will continue to take short code tasks, it is obvious that Martin has lost The place in the team, in the summer, I have been to another team that is suitable for my style, becomes the best choice.

Flashing wire guards disdain for opponents

In last week, San Diego lightning defeated the 49 people in San Francisco, the flash line Weimei Thai (Manti TE & RSQUO; O) was filled with each of the team’s defense. Since the second year of your career, Thal is more and more stable. He has become a team that is essential to defense. In addition to the performance of the field, the scandal of the field looks far from him.

Briguwater made a good performance in his own rookie, and he was also seen by the team as a core quarter-off. However, on the way he grows up, you must need to experience rich star players to help and guide, Peterson is the most suitable person. For fans, they look forward to seeing Brigater continues to grow in the second season, and I hope that the team can provide more offensive weapons for him.

The location coach in Pebus will be Eric – Eric Washington. Washington joined the black panther in 2011, he caught up with the first year of Pebus in the last year of the bear team. Washington said in the official website that Pebus came to Peibus in these years.

According to the scoring system of PFF (Pro Football Focus, the Thai Range is ranked 21 in the 10-bit 3-4 inner yard. His progress is obvious, teams and fans believe that he can grow up to a more excellent player in the future.

cheap nfl jerseys from china Media Ian Rapople reported in Nfl jerseys Total Access on Thursday night, Feng-Miller and wild horses in the past week a one-year 6-year worth $ 114.5 million contract launched Discussions have made significant progress and considered to be a very possible solution before the deadline on Friday. The latest contracts in Denver include the top 9 months $ 59 million completely guarantee funds and at least $ 70 million overall security income.

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