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In this year’s break, the crow did not find angular guards in the free market. The only supplement comes cheap jerseys From china the election of the month, and the crow picks Trice Walker in the 4th round. The 29-year-old Elington will be expected to become a large number one selected in the trough in the crow, and he successfully blocked T.Y. Hilton (T.Y. Hilton) is impressive. Elington’s joily will provide more choices for crows in defensive tactics.

Saint coach Sha En-Penon is too dissatisfied with the mistake

Taysom Hill won the first position, Jameis Winston, contributed to the team for the first time. But these two have not avoided the conversion of the ball, but also let the saints end up 14-17 will lose the crow.

The International Justice Mission is the United Nations organization to ensure that hundreds of people, especially those in poor, to achieve a fair treatment for organizational goals, the organization currently involves more than 21 million people around the world.

Former Patriot Corner Elington and Crow Signed for 3 years

Corner Verier – Kyle Arriongton has not waited for new work after being repeated by the New England Patriots. The local time on Wednesday, Baltimore Cows announced that it is agreeable with Elington a three-year new consistent.

Odrick’s “101 best free players” in the NFL official website is 14th, the previous group, before he contacted multiple teams. According to reports, the Auckland raid, Danfo Yam and Detroit Lion have come into contact with Odrik, but the ultimate Jirai kills the rebound to grab this defensive.

So at the end of October, Cosx launched an event that he would printed this slogan in the social website selling, he set a goal for himself. It is to sell 500 pieces such a T-shirt, people Surprised is that in the end he has sold 3973 pieces.

On June 22nd, the chief unexpectedly brought to John Dorsey, John Dorsey, and the same day, the same day, and the coach and the Andy Reid renewed. Doctors have served as the general manager for 4 years in the chief but when he entered the contract, he would not renew him with him.

In the early season, after Cossone led the Red Leather Wins Tan Pagan Pirate, he shouted the camera when he had passed the camera before the dressing room: “You like this! (You like this!)” After this The slogan is widely forwarded in the United States, so Castus decided to let this slogan again.

The 27-year-old Odrik entered the alliance in the 2010 Xiuji. Odrick can be eligible for the defensive end of the 3-4 defensive lineup, and can also serve as a cutout in the 4-3 defensive lineup. After joining the Americas, he will appear in the position of the defensive cut off. Although this signing will increase the overall level of the Association’s defensive front line, the team still does not solve the problem of lack of sideways. The Jaguchi, which is signed 3, or will be reinforced in this position.

The former dolphins defensive cut A derik will join the Americas

Miami Dolphins have been willing to get the biggest brand in the free market, defensive, Dadham Kong-Su (NDAMUKONG SUH). This also means that another defensive cut-off Jared Odrick is no longer important to the team. NFL reporters have exploded on Monday on Monday, and Odrick has reached an agreement with Jacksonville America. It is worth a contract with a contract worth $ 7 million.

Elington’s joily provides a strong supplement on the depth of the second line of crows. At present, there is still no trustworthy star player in the corner guard position, Jimmy Smith, before receiving the foot surgery, and is currently recovering. Lardarius WEBBs In the PFF scoring system, the total score only column 78th in 108 angular guards.

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