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[Off-attack group] How to become quadrupleThe quadrant is a member of the offensive group, behind the center of the center, the center of the offensive. He is usually the leader of the game, most of the offense is launched by him, and there is a responsibility to issue a secret before most of the offensions. Quadruples are usually the first contact in the middle of the center. After receiving the center of the servant, he can pass it, throw a leader to the running guard, near-end peak and external connector, or his own charge. The four-shot of the pass and charges are generally called double-shot.

Rewis sounded first before the game: “He can stand out in everyone, you must always pay attention to him. 6 foot 6 inch, 230 pounds, 40 yards only need 4.3 seconds, this is very strange. I like to be like him. The player, of course, also respects him. He has earned the respect of the alliance through his own performance. “

University Rugby League FCS will start new seasonIn 2014, the FCS Championship will be held at 3:30 am on August 24th. The first game was the home of the University of East Washington, the University of Ham Houston State University.

Allen is the No. 7 show this year. He will replace the second-year-old four-point Swan Nathan Peterman, which has a difference in life last week. Pitman got 0.0 passenger score in the game of Bill 3-47.

Servev was signed by Denim in the 2013 season training camp. In the 2 season, 29 games were first opened. There were 31 shots in 13 in the last season (2 times caused the number of lost codes), and 1 time to make the ball, once regained the ball, a total of 20 pairs of four-point guard.

Rewis often practiced with Rob Gronkowki, but he said that Johnson is a completely different opponent in an interview: “He is too tall, just like an NBA player.” Of course The patriot has another choice, they can choose Brandon Brandon Browner to guard against Johnson, arrange Reweiz to be more flexible to Gorden Tate (Golden Tate) .

Cowboy defensive end Selvi joining giantCowbi once again losing a starting player, defensive end of George George George Selvie joined the enemy New York Giants in the same district at a price of 1.4 million in 1 year. Servi will be with university teammates, giant star defensive end Edge Jason Pierre – Paul.

Falcon makes Fremman to run the starting to run the game with Tevin Coleman. The latter has a total of 941 yards in a total of 11 times this season. In an interview, cheap jerseys Fremman said that he was dissatisfied with the sharing time, but the opportunity to get as much as possible.

Rewick’s evaluation is shocked: he is a “strange” playerThis week’s focus war will be expanded between the Detroit Lion and the new England Patriot. The focus of this game is undoubtedly the positive pair of the lion take-away Jelvent-Johnson (Calvin Johnson) and Patriopters Darrell Revis.

Under normal circumstances, the four-point guard team is in the middle of the center, and the attack line is about 1 yard. He is the brain of the team, the center of the entire attack system, all offensive tactics are conveyed by him. At the same time, they are also the initiator of the pass attack, and the precise long history will change the game.

“In the season, Delwen Tower faced a frustrated situation,” Campbell said. “He has been trying to make himself a three-run guard, but when you pay attention to his appearance, he is more important than the play of other elite running guards.”

“But he still proved himself. He is full. He can continue to appear. He can get beautiful data. He is a team player & mdash; & mdash; he does his duty and help the team to enter the super bowl. Although this season has not been I got the name of us to get him, I would like to say that he is the running guard in the top three of the league. He should get the corresponding salary. In the course, the priority is completed. If not? Hey, we have been It was underestimated, but sometimes when you were underestimated, some people finally had a price. “

“The Falcon is time to give him a salary of the elite level,” Campbell said. “I hope that they can make the priorities of this year’s break, he is a key member of the strong offensive group that helps the Falcon enters the superbown.”

Broker: Falcon runs 卫 弗弗曼 应 顶 顶The broker of Atlanta Falcon Run Guarda – Fremman Expressed that Fremman should get the salary of the “elite level” and even though the Fremman “is obviously less”, he is a league Ranked the top three running guards.

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