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“I just want to stay in the team that can compete for the champion; we have a lot of great players here. We now have a superior team,” he said, “I hope we can win the super session. Bowl, this is no doubt. “

At present, Wilson has achieved 5 wins and 1 negative achievements in their career playoffs. As of this week, he has won the four playoffs. Wilson’s quarter-saving ball in the playoffs is 109.6, which is the best performance in NFL history. At present, the Hawks have acquired the main game 8 games in the playoffs, and they hope to further expand this number.

Rosrisberg received a surgery for the treatment of left knee torn Monthly. The star four-point guard hopes to return to the stadium after the eighth week of the steel man, but he said to the local media that this may not be realistic.

After the selection of dolphins in 1968, the Jik was a total of 10 years in the occupational alliance, and the top 7 years is dolphins. In the first two years, he was selected in the first two years. He completed 9 times in 1969, the first season. He has more than a thousand swaps in the first 4 years before his career, and is considered one of the stronger running guards in the alliance.

Fitzgerad: In the future, I associate with the quarterfieldWith Kurt Warner retired after the end of the 2009 season, the outer hand-lined-Fitzgerald and Arizona Renary have experienced hell’s general experience in the four-dimensional location.

In addition, whether Griffin II returns to be determined by his psychological factors, only when the team thinks he has been preparing for it, he will play him. “We will continue to pay attention to him on Friday tomorrow,” Groad repeatedly stressed that “I think that his injury is no problem, what is his psychology support him back to the game, if He looks good in this regard, he can come back immediately. If you can’t, you have to wait a week. “

“The Falcon is time to give him a salary of the elite level,” Campbell said. “I hope that they can make the priorities of this year’s break, he is a key member of the strong offensive group that helps the Falcon enters the superbown.”

When participating in the radio program discussing your future, Fitzgerald, who is about to enter his 13th season, said that there are two prerequisites for continuing careers: the team has been winning and has a good four-point guard.

When asked if this means that if the red bird won the next season’s Super Bowl Champion, he would choose to retire like Perton Manning, Fitzgerald said it depends on the future of Parmer. . “I still have to consider this problem and look at my state,” he said. “Large extent this is related to Carson & Mdash; & mdash; Carson has always played a superior level. I don’t want to go through the chaos of any other quarter-off position. After this big one is coming, now we are restored to this position is great. The matter, he has always been very good. “

If you have to mention it, it is still a problem of Rogers. His calf muscle injury has affected his mobile capabilities. Although Rogers defeated Dallas Cowba with its excellent passage, the defensive level of cowboy and the sea hawk are far away. The Hawks will mainly use Michael Bennett, Crife (Cliff Avril) and Bruce Irvin. Rogers.

However, Fitzgerald does not want to experience a chaotic situation in a quadrant position. Is there a possibility that the red tick wins the super bowl next season and looks at the 37-year-old Palmer and Fitzgerald retired together?

Fitzgerald completed 109 battles last season, got 1215 yards 9 times. This is the first time in the 2007 season, the number of times the ball will be broken, and the number of first ball has a total of thousands since the four seasons. This is not a data that looks that the player who decides quickly retired.

Griffin I have a chance to debut on the weekendRobert Griffin continues to advance to the backward road. Washington Red Primary Coach Jay Grudin told the reporter that this three-grade rookie has made true knife together in another four-point guards in the team in Wednesday. The training of guns. Grunette said that Griffin II had the opportunity to debut in the game of Mingnesota, after Sunday, and the latter hangs from the presence of the ankle dislocation from the second week.

“But he still proved himself. He is full. He can continue to appear. He can get beautiful data. He is a team player & mdash; & mdash; he does his duty and help the team to enter the super bowl. Although this season has not been I got the name of us to get him, I would like to say that he is the running guard in the top three of the league. He should get the corresponding salary. In the course, the priority is completed. If not? Hey, we have been It was underestimated, but sometimes when you were underestimated, some people finally had a price. “

ESPN forecast: Hawks will overcome the packageThis weekend, Seattle Hawks will compete with Green Bay packaging work on the title of the National Union champion. This season, Wholesale Jerseys the packaging workers maintain a full victory at home, but the drum record is not ideal. This trip is the master of the Haiye’s devil home, can they retreat? The ESPN has given its own forecast. They believe that the Hawo will take the game and rank among the super bowl for two consecutive years.

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