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This Sunday, the new Orleans Saints will take the main scene of the town. The 2nd Los Angeles ram, the United States, the United States, the Chizs, the chief of the Kansas City, the challenge of the 2nd seed new England patriot. The winners of the two games will compete for the dramatic trophy.

Dolphins in a timely medical examination of Tenguova in time before the influence of the team base is closed. The results have made them confident to pick him. However, there is no break train to let the dolphins can’t see Tenguova’s performance on the field.

Signing from the free market Safety Wei Tayilan – Mathemian (Tyrannieu) After Aaron Colvin, Texas is also selected to choose safe Wei Justin REID (Justin Reid). Jermaine Kelly. Among them, Cole and team signed a contract of $ 34 million in 4 years, of which 18 million US dollars are guaranteed, and they must be considered as warrants.

Falls came out of the 2013 season of 27 times, only 2 times of the 8 games of the previous season, and this year is the last year of his rookie contract with the eagle. Just get it. 1.5 million US dollars.

The raid guard side fracture in the competition of the Detroit Lion, which is expected to be absented to absence the remaining competition in the competition of the stage of the stage of the stage. He will continue to visit experts to confirm preliminary diagnosis.

In the third round of the selection of the election last year, the foundation was started to fight 10 games in the rookie season, but this season has not yet been first. In the past two games, he finally started to find the state, but now it may be reimbursed in the season.

Ram and eagle interchange first quartz

Philadelphia Eagle was announced on Tuesday that the team and the St. Louis male team exchanged four-point guard, using the first quartz, Nick foles, plus the fourth round of this year and next year’s second round Sam Bradford, and getting the fifth edition of the ravet this year.

Old will guard Cornwood hopes to use strength to prove yourself

Beijing July 20th, Houston Texas came last season of prevention, and the Range Ranking of the League, therefore, they spent two lines in the lift season, expecting to improve anti-transmission.

Tenguova received hips surgery in November last year. After that, all reports on him were quite positive, and he has been able to conduct certain training before the draft. But under specific conditions, training and Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China level training and competition are different.

“Yes, he accepted it, but still this sentence, & lsquo; check & rsquo; and then participate in 2 hours training and then participate in competition & mdash; & mdash; all these things need a process,” Florez said. “So, it is hard to say if he can do something.”

Bradford’s past two seasons have only played 7 games due to serious injury in the knee. And his salary income in 2015 will reach $ 13 million. The agreement agreed that if Bradford could not hit the first position, the Eagle team will get back to the second round of the next year.

Elderly Ryan Fitzpatrick seems to have always been the first quarter of the dolphins at the beginning of the new season, and Tenguova has the opportunity to pick up the starting task in the medium season. Lack of rest training makes this plan more likely to be a reality.

Florez also said: “I won’t have a very high or low expectation before I saw a player. I saw a player finished training & mdash; & mdash; multi-trained & mdash; & mdash Before, it is difficult to say that we will do this in the game speed. This is true for everyone. “

Dolphin coach: It is difficult to assess the rookie quadrant Shuitun Ouova Rehabilitation progress

When Miami Dolphins decided to pick four-dimensional Tu A-Tengova Luoa in this year’s draft this year, this shows that they have confidence in his hips that he is treated. However, there is no snap-in team training may interfere with the plan of Dolphin to Tenguova.

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