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The Miami Dolphsea has taken the time of 30-24 victory at 30-24 in the last week of 30-24. This is also the first official competition of the Dolphin Teachers Adam – Gain as the main coach. Finally, helping the team at the time of overtime. It is a beautiful 11-code ball for Jay-Ajai once. In the last confrontation of the two teams, the main defensive end of the Dolphin team Cameron Vik took three times, including a wins in a timefather. Now this seems that if the dolphins can drag the game into the time, it seems that the chance of winning will be bigger!

Among the respondents, 42% indicated that there was a negative feeling of patriots, and only 19% had such views on Atlantian Falc. There are 53% of respondents to support falcon in the super bowl, 27% support patriots.

2016 season regular season on Thursday night tiger vs dolphinsCincinnati, who is inseparable last season, is unfavorable, and it is also unfavorable, and there is also a targeted Miami dolphin during the offset season. This round of the night will be done between these two “difficult brothers” teams.

Patriot signing the contract, Dema, ThomasBeijing April 17, US time on Tuesday, the Patriot officially announced the signed Entry Temiff Thomas, re-signed the corner of Jonathan – Jonathan Jones. Thomas’s contract period is one year and salary is up to $ 6 million.

I feel that the teammates are not good in the team locker room. But Woffs fully understands and the importance of Braddy as a teammate. After all, Braddy’s arrival makes this year may be the most expected season in the history of piracy.

Thomas was 31 years old this year, which was for the Wild Horse (2010-2018) and Texas (2018). The wild horses were signed in Timas on the first round of 2010. Last year, 10.30, Thomas traded by wild horses to Texas, and was sicking this year 2.12. Thomas career fought 132 regular seasons, 118, completed 688 times, pushed 9330 yards, reached 62 times. Thomas career has played 10 playoffs, all of which were started, a total of 53 battles were completed, and the 759 yards were promoted, reached 6 times.

Online Guard C.J. Mosley (C.J. MOSLEY) Selects to exit the new season and safe Wei Jiamal-Adams after being traded, the jet loses the best two defensive players in the team. The team offensive front line may be upgraded, but there is still a big improvement in the outer junction.

General Manager of Jet: Forecast of the forecast of the team in the forecast of the team makes many people angerMost of the New York Jet 2020 season’s predictions put them in the Eastern Eastern part or at least the trend of sliding bottom.

Jones is 25 years old and is the 2016 elected show, and the career is a patriotic effectiveness. He participated in 48 regular seasons, first of which 10 were first completed, 2.5 times, 4 cases, 16 times destroyed passed, and 18 special groups. In the seven game, Jones started 2 games, completed 11 times, killing once, and destroyed the ball, 5 times and special groups.

Cincinnati Tiger encountered considerable blood loss during the offset period, many generals in the same team have been leaving, wiki.Geeklog.Jp and the team strength has declined to a certain extent. At present, the main four-point Wei Di-Daldon leads the number of the total ball code with 938 yards. The Tiger’s main course of Jerosim Hill played an excellent, won 97 yards and 2 times. In the past 11 games, he won the 10-year-old squad, and he will become an important weapon for the tiger.

Lewis was selected in the first round of the 1996 elected first round, and he declined in the same year’s draft because the outside world doubted whether his body is not enough to serve as a wire guard. But he eventually became the best defensive player in the year and was selected after retiring.

“I think my friends and my family want to see if I have seen him,” Wofles said in an interview. He is asked and see if there is a fear of Braddy. “I think they will send me a message every day,” Do you see Tom? & Rsquo; I don’t want to derecise importance, but he is just a player, I think this is also what he wants to be treated. I think I think The family is shocked, I will become his teammates. “

The first round of the pirate offense cut off Swivews: Protecting Braddy is very importantIn the rookie season, Tampawan pirate attack, Tristan Wirfs, Tristan Wirfs, needs to bear a daunt task, that is, protection may be the greatest quarterfield in history: Tom Bradi (Tom Brady) ).

“When I met him for the first time, we saw a corner,” Woffs said. He said, & lsquo; How are you? Big child? & Rsquo; I think this is a bit crazy because he is Tom-Braddy. Then he asked me that I was old, I told him 21 years old, he then laughed. He Almost saying, & lsquo; do you think you have experience? My experience is twice the difference. & Rsquo; my reaction is, & lsquo; Yes. & Rsquo; then this. One day he left, I waved when he left. The others look really good. I am very excited to be a teammate. “

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