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Although this choice of Hongki has been questioned, but there are also many fans to support. Before the two players officially participated in the competition, it is difficult to judge the right to make this decision. At the same time, it is the best in the remaining players, or choose the team’s most needed, this issue may never have an answer.

In this year’s break, I signed a $ 30 million contract with Titan to help my brother and clear the loan. He posted a photo of a large check with your brother with a brother with your brother on your personal instagram account.

The general manager of Hong Pi is explained to this choice: “Leonard is undoubtedly an excellent player. At that time, we wanted to trade down, but the result failed. Many teams have previously traded plans, But their goals are Dante Fowler. When the Jackson American Tiger will choose F Way, these potential transactions have disappeared. For us, Brandon can’t miss, he is our mind The No. 1 seed. The team’s offensive front line needs to be reinforced. There is no reason to let Branden in this case. “

The general manager of Hongki explains the reason for the first round of Williams

The first round of Washington Red Leather may have some expectations of fans and experts. They chose the attack front line player Brand Sherf (Brandon Scherff) in the fifth shift, and gave up is considered to be the most draft. One of the excellent players’ defensive Dragonard – Williams Williams.

Logan wrote while publishing photos: “Give my brother a surprise, I have cleared his student loan for his 29th birthday !! My brother was admitted to the university, got a sense of honor, and now she is engineer. He is correct Each thing is a student loan for everything but still carrying the number. This system has already collapsed and there is no meaning !! I am fortunate to help him get these loans. Love you, big brother, these are you should have! “

The 31-year-old Jackson signed with the Falcon before the 2013 season, and he hoped to be able to recover his career after the 5 seasons of St. Louis. But in the past two seasons, Jackson’s 347-time mushpo won 1250 yards (each time the shock promoting 3.6 yards) and 12 times.

Cowboy Medical Tricks – Frederick announced retirement

US Time Monday, Cowbi MediaTravis Frederick announced the decision to decide through social media. He was a total of 7 years in NFL (actually played 6 years).

This ban is due to a 2013 traffic accident. In January 2013, due to the detection of alcohol concentration to reach the statutory standard twice as the blood after hitting his pickup, Wholesale jerseys he was arrested. He pleaded allegations and was sentenced to a year.

The Falcon announced that they cut off just click the next post old running guards for the team for the team’s 2 seasons. According to the NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport, this layofan will help the Falcon saves $ 3.75 million wage space.

The 33-year-old old will play 11 games last season, and a total of 6.5 times of killing will be 21 times. He was a professional bowl for four consecutive years when he was effective Dallas, and he would become a core player in Vic-Fangji, a Vic Fangio (VIC Fangio) defensive group.

Tamato Wan Luogen-Lan is a brother to pay a student loan

Beijing July 2, thousands of college students graduated this spring, but many of them are still in many student loans when they graduate. Tennessee Titani Horn, Logan Ryan, recently decided to help he familiar with a graduate & mdash; & mdash; his brother.

The bear team will face the best three teams in the new season, will face the best three teams & mdash; & mdash; Green Bay packaging, Arizona Rock, Seattle Hawks, they urgently need the help of the defensive group. In the case of the stars defensive cut, the top running guards & mdash; & mdash; Eddie Lacy, Marshawn Lynch, is not a new coach John Fox. It is the opening of what he hopes.

Frederick 2013-2017 is full of work, the 2016 season won the best lineup of the United States, 5 times in a career bowl. He was diagnosed with Greenbury syndrome in 2018. This is an autologous immune disease that leads to an immune system to attack the body’s nervous system.

Cowba boss Jerry Jones said in the statement: “Due to the specialty of the center position, Travis Frederick has always been the core in the team, and the most talented, the most skill is the most in my mind. A comprehensive offensive front line member. “

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