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“…the proponents of government intervention are trapped in a fatal contradiction: they assume that individuals are not competent to run their own affairs or to hire experts to advise them. And yet they also assume that these same individuals are equipped to vote for these same experts at the ballot box. We have seen that, on the contrary, while most people have a direct idea and a direct test of their own personal interests on the market, they cannot understand the complex chains of praxeological and philosophical reasoning necessary for a choice of rulers or political policies. Yet this political sphere of open demagogy is precisely the only one where the mass of individuals are deemed to be competent!”

–Murray N. Rothbard, “Man, Economy, And State With Power And Market”

In this series, I shall draw inspiration from giants like Hans-Hermann Hoppe and Murray N. Rothbard, reinforced by the clown world simulation we’re living in, to challenge two misguided beliefs inside and outside of the Bitcoin “sphere”:

  1. That “democracy” is a good idea, and,
  2. That Bitcoin is in any way democratic.

Many generally smart and liberty-oriented people have come to the defence of “democracy,” over the years, and the arguments made by them can usually be distilled into one of two categories:

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