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The location coach in Pebus will be Eric – Eric Washington. Washington joined the black panther in 2011, he caught up with the first year of Pebus in the last year of the bear team. Washington said in the official website that Pebus came to Peibus in these years.

The wild horses coach Fang Ji stop the veterans to give a hairstyleBeijing August 15th is a rookie is a tradition of most training camps. This kind of tradition includes a rookie to help the old man who will take armor after training, and sing for the player conference or team flight and sing at the meeting.

Jones said: “We will open a meeting for this issue. At present, we tend to arrange Cole Beasley to abandon the kickback, he can compete for this job, is our first choice. In addition, German It is an outstanding attack hand in the university, can’t be denied, if we need him, he may play in a specific situation. “

Bryant did not have a work of discarding and attacked after 2012. He has tried 12 times before, accumulating the 66 yards. In the rookie season of Bryant, he completed two times ate. Although the cowboy is considering whether Blanter is involved in the attack, considering the attack on the potential threat to the safety of the player, the team will arrange the core players in the team to stand up.

After being shaved with a very ugly hairstyle last year, the Bradley Chubb was expected to be a new show this year.”Oh, you, you saw my hairstyle last year,” Zip said. “I am very hoped to be treated with someone this year. But now everything is fine. Hair is coming back, so I am not too angry.”

Cowboy considers Arrange Bryant to give up the attack backDallas Cowboy is currently in choosing a problem in choosing an attack candidate. Stephen Jones, Stephen Jones, or the DEZ BRYANT, DEZ BRYANT, DEZ Bryant.

Sometimes, such a piking will be fired or a rookie player will oppose the “special” treatment. Denver wild horses, VIC Fangio, didn’t like to make new show, and he had banned a long-awaited traditional & mdash; & mdash; gave a hairstyle to the new show.

Baldo joined the team in February last year to serve as the head of the player’s personnel department. After 11.29 Dave Caldwell was fired, Balka was a temporary general manager. Last week, Saud Khan hired Urban Meyer to ask for new coach, and also won his opinion on the next general manager.

Before Balka, I was held in 49 people in Jim Harbaugh, Jim Harbaugh, Jim Tomsula and Chip Kelly. In 2019, he was cut with Kelly. During the trial of Bald, 49 people recorded 51-44, and I have been entered into the National Union Championship for three consecutive years.

The black panther defensive front line coach said that the Pebz worship is not reduced.A defensive end of Julius Peppers, this year’s offering period, as a free player returned to the old master Black Leopard. The people here still hopes to him.

“I just think this is wrong. I don’t like to make a rookie,” said Fang Ji. “Some traditions have kept down. The rookie comes to perform a show in front of the team every night. Maybe the rookie will help the armor to take this kind of thing, or give the team with a donut or breakfast. But can’t involve the player’s body “

Talking about Braddy, Garobolo revealed that the elite four defense has been prepared: “He is very serious, every project is complete. You can observe his work in such a distance to me. Very good, I hope that there is a day, I can also do this like this. “Garobolo revealed that he can only see Braddy’s performance before the TV, now able to learn from his teammates, all of which Very dreamy.

The reason for the ban on the Emirates includes conflicts with the coachEarlier this week, Andi Reid announced that the team star angle Marcus Pites Pites was made due to the fourth quarter lost to the New York jet. A driver, and it is banned by the team.

The chief is not stable in this holiday, after 5 wins and open, the offensive group of the chief and the defensive group are dumb. Today, the chief need to re-oscillation to win a place in the playoffs.

This ban, including Pites throwing flags to the auditor, self-righteous and after leaving, and then only wearing socks. However, according to wholesale nfl jerseys NetWork reporter Mike Garafolo, it is also one of the reasons for the ban.

According to reports, on the way to the airport after the conversation, Pites had a speech conflict with Reed. This conflict is also listed as one of the reasons for the team. At the same time, due to non-sports professional ethics, Pites is also fined $ 24,309 by the league.

Garobolo said: “He looks like an outer space, he is the best in my eyes. At the same time, he is also a very friendly person, and it is very easy to interact with him.” Previously, the patriot offensive coordination Josh McDaniels said that Braddy made more investment than ever in this week. Garobolo also gives the same view: “This week is different from previous weeks. Tom has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, now he is ready.”

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