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However, less than 24 hours ago, cheap Nfl jerseys White also said that he has prepared a return training. “I feel I can play. But you have to listen to the opinions of coaches and trainers. If they say, & lsquo; Kevin, rest for a week, & rsquo; then I have to do this,” he said on Friday. “I hope we can get some good news, I hope I can return to train as soon as possible.”

At present, the bear team also interviewed the four-point guards of Philadelphia, John Defilippo, Minnesota Weijing’s offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, New England Patriopter’s Offense Coordinator Josh- Josh McDaniels, Viking’s defensive coordinator George – George Edwards and the bear team’s own defensive coordinator Vic – Vic Fangio.

The second game, although the pony defensive group created a jet’s CD, but the offensive group was weak, and it could not form an effective advancement. The jet has created a turning ball in Rak, but also missed 48 yards before the midfielder. However, in the first half of the pony in the first half, it is at the first half.

Crow coach: Tactics does not work, the certificate is not good

At least the crow coach John Hubble (John Harbaugh) said that if the quarter Wei Qiao Vlaco (Joe FLACCO) can complete the ball, the team will complete the ball, the team It can more aggressive. But things did not develop this, and finally the crow had enough time to give the steel man, and the Pittsburgh’s defensive group is also easy to guess the tactical arrangements opposite.

After that, the two teams had changed many changes, one of which was the joining of Bosa. Today, 49 defensive group alliances are ranked first. Boba has already used his performance to help the team entered the super bowl, but if you want to win the champion, he has to seek help cheap jerseys from china his own brother.

Pace said that Whitot was about to increase this week, which caused him to receive surgery. The team confirmed that Whitoti had a stress fracture in the sniper team training. The original team hopes that the rest and rehabilitation process can solve this problem. This week, Huaite has once again feel uncomfortable, and the coach pays attention to the changes in White pace.

“We have once again faced a four-point guard, and his passing ability is excellent than everyone we have faced,” Bosa said. “One of the most important things lies in the efforts to stay in the four-point guard website, do not let him run out when they want to run, let him feel uncomfortable.”

Ryan Pace, General Manager of Chicago, announced that the white tibia stress fracture selected in the seventh time this year will receive surgery. White will start to start a new season in hurting and could not play a new season and may absent the entire rookie season.

In the first competition, the pony offensive group faced the jet rapidly, the rushing of the jet has never found a good response, and the quarter gauker has to travel many times, and therefore sent a copy. In the face of the big gift on the pony, the jet is pleased to laugh, with a foul on the hippon, the jet is connected to the small horse 10 yards, and finally takes the outside of Eric Deml. The ball is reaches. The first quarter of the jet 7: 0 leading pony.

When the bear choked White, he hoped that he can replace the Brand Marshall, Brandon Marshall, becomes the number one pass target of Jay Cartelr, while holding a star outside the other side. Shen – Jeffrey Jeffery. In the short term, White is unable to appear, the old walking EDDIE ROYAL will bear more important roles in the offensive group.

The crow has 3:29 horses 38-36 in the competition, but the steel man has 3 pauses. Frach’s first pass passed, only 4 seconds. Alex Collins Two Scorpion Push Push 7 yards, crow chooses to make Vraco in 3 & amp; 3, pass, not completed. The final Baltimore consumes only 1:04, and the steel man retains all three pauses. The final Pittsburgh is free to kill.

The team’s new coach John Fox is considered to be more dependent on his predecessor. This view may be particularly exactly in the bear team now is expected to make a lot of white, which is expected to make an impact on the production of the rookie season. This is a very huge blow for a team that is in a transition.

Most of the guarantees in the Carterler contract have already been paid, so the bear team doesn’t have to worry about impacting the wage. In 2014, Cardler came out of his career and 28 times, but at the same time, there were also 18 cases of leading alliances. He harvested 4 times a 5 times.

Carterler was only played for 5 games due to shoulder injury surgery. Ryan Pace, General Manager Ryan Pace, talked with Cartere in January, and said that the future of the bear team and Carteller is unknown.

33 years old Carter is currently in 49 people trading. The new 49 general manager John Lynch City Katler teammates, and the current head of the head coach Kyle Salunhan is once a wild horse & mdash; & mdash; choice choice of Katril’s team & mdash; & mdash; main coach.

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