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The Elz last season is the first in the number of eagles, and Jeffrey’s joily provides more profound threats, this is the other defensive coordinator can’t ignore. Therefore, Erz should get more space in the middle of the midfield, whether as the near-end front or the tank.

Luke – Nakile: I don’t need the nickname of the US captain.

As early as the beginning of this season, the four-point guards of the Carolina Black Panther, Cam Newton, was named “American Captain” for our team’s line of Luke Kuechly.

Jacksonville American Tiger has participated in the London bowl for four consecutive seasons, and London has become the second home for “Barbourne”. The team mainly took over Allen Robinson finally opened Hu, and won 57 yards and twice. This potential and strength of both strengths and political connections have won 14 games in the past 15 games, and the efficiency is odd.

Al Shang – Jeffrey Expressing the eagle

On June 13, although the training camp and the preseason have not yet arrived, the performance of the eagle break, Alshon Jeffery, has made the old eagle near the arm Zak-ac (Zach Ertz) I feel very excited.

But recently Luke received an interview: “I don’t need nickname, my name is Luke.” In fact, this name is the game of the Times Panther to the Dallas Cowboy, Luke completed 2 copies, and completed once Casseth is backcross, Newton also evaluates the area where Luke is in a black area.

“Not only Al Shang, there is Torrey Smith).” 茨 said, “These people are all known as the union, and the other person can’t be small. They must make safety and retransmission. So I want midfielders There will be more space. “

2016 season regular season 4th week London Bowl Pony @ 美洲

When I got a year of London bowl, the civil war in the United States of America will become the first game of the London bowl in this year. The Jacksonville American Tiger will take the first victory of this season in our London “home”.

As for other key draft related activities: January 18th is the deadline for the draft of the draft in advance. The list of players who agreed to participate in the draft will be sent to each team on January 22.

Indiana pony mains quarterrant Andrew Ruck get rid of injuries, Cheap jerseys still one of the top quarters of the league. In the face of San Diego electric light last week, Lak and the outer joke T.Y. Hilton was 1 minute and 17 seconds left in the fourth quarter, and the 63 yards were connected to the end. This 63 yards wins to win the ball, and it is also the farthest section of the fourth quarter of the farthest to win from the 2012 Yilai Manning and Victor-Cruz, 77 yards.

At present, the ethnic training is only a team, but Jeffrey’s spring training has stood out in the Eagle’s External Travel. To make a variety of high-difficult ball, easy to get rid of the second-line cover defense, use the physical condition and the advantage of the eating angle guards to show the value of Jeffrey. This is enough to let him look forward to him next season.

The team announced the first game on Monday, Jimmy Clausen, will not play the finals of the Nnem Mingnesota, and he has encountered the brain in the game. . The bear plans to start Katler, and the rookie four-point Wei David-Phils (David Fales) serves as a substitute.

“Waiting until the preseason and regular season we will know how it is. But I am still very happy to make these outstanding players, they are very talented. You have also seen Alhang play, know that he has completed the ability to complete the attack.” I said that Ejs said.

Herni is also an old colleague of Ron Ron Rivra, and he has served as a general manager in the Black Panther. In December of this year, the black panther will dismiss it, partly because his “old” style is contrary to the concept of David Termati (David Tepper). Typer hopes to find a style of modern, more focused on data analysis.

Now Cartler returns to the starting position, get the last opportunity to play the bright performance. After being suddenly refused, the NFL salary player, and the team’s one-fashioned fate quarter-off will begin to fight a meaningful game, while facing his unlimited guess.

The Alliance announced in 2016 to hold on April 28th to 30th. The chartered site of the draft next year has not been determined. This year, this year’s draft is held in Chicago from April 30 to May 2. This is the first draft of Chicago since 1964, in 1965-2014, the draft has been held in New York.

Clausen took her face and pale with the Helgion of the Heli Ball Shock Helmet. However, there was no signs or symptoms of the brain oscillating in the game. He passed all the brain volatile tests, but he started from the cerebral volatile symptom. Clausen has only advanced 4.6 yards in this unique start, but this is also affected by the three junctions. In the case of selecting the correct offensive tactics and wholesale Nfl jerseys the judgment of the opponent flashed four-point guard, he is better than Kitler’s recent performance.

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