A Case For Unions And Bitcoin

I am part of a subset of Local Union (ATU1555) based out of Oakland, California, proposing that our union allocate a percentage of our treasury and monthly union dues to bitcoin.

I wish I could take credit for the original ATU1555BITCOIN idea, but I cannot. After our tenth or probably more like twentieth bitcoin breakroom discussion, the former president of our local asked if I had ever considered how bitcoin could be applied to the union.

The answer to that question was “No, I had not.” In fact, I had never attended a union meeting prior to that point and had little interaction with or knowledge of what the union did other than represent members who were facing disciplinary action.

ATU1555BITCOIN Is Birthed

November 26, 2020 was the day the ATU155BITCOIN idea was birthed; the date I remember only because I was working a holiday (Thanksgiving) shift at a time and location that I haven’t worked since.

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