Bitcoin Plebs Together Are Strong Independently

The dominance of Big Tech is coming to a close. So long as we can ensure that it doesn’t enslave us all first. Many people are beginning to wake up to their dependencies on large internet companies and are starting the process of migrating to free and open platforms that don’t rely on Amazon Web Services. Internet infrastructure was not designed for the end user to be a systems administrator, but the tools are being built out as the necessity for sovereign technology networks grows by the day. There is a surge of software being programmed and released for individuals to be more autonomous in how they interact with the world wide web. From operating systems to messaging protocols to data hosting to money, the “sovereign stack” (h/t LaserHodl) is growing exponentially.

Decentralization, privacy, and censorship-resistance are central themes of these tools as well as this article. Bitcoin teaches us the importance of being sovereign individuals and the actualization of decentralization and privacy through pseudonymity as a core principle in antifragility. This goes beyond the family finances and into the entire structure of our existence in society. When we decentralize our lives, communities, and governments, we prevent single points of failure. Decentralization is more than just a buzzword. It is a requisite for building resilient systems. Done poorly, it can lead to inefficiencies, but done well, individuals strengthen and the collective reaps the benefits. Privacy is a right in any free society and our current lack thereof is one reason I question how free we are. Reclaiming our privacy is one imperative goal on which we must act.

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