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Estabard Adrian – Piteson visits Seattle Hawks

We don’t have to guess which teams are the ideal of Adrian Peterson.

According to the NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport, the Seattle Hawble invited the star to travel to visit the team on Sunday. In addition, the Sea Eagle also invited Jamal Charles, Eddie Lacy and Latvius Murray, cheap nfl jerseys from china you can see the Hawks.

Peterson is an interesting choice for cheap jerseys the Hawoe. Although the Hawks of the Hawks are considered to be dominated by strength, wholesale nfl jerseys online they still have many punch offensive to carry out the bullets. This is not the most ideal for Peterson, and he is the most like a fish in the two-point guard after the sputum, and the one-run guard is the most like fish.

The best choice of Pitters may be in Wiki. He is still considered a signboard of the team and the team may already have a better use of his solution. The sea eagle looks in the Search of the veteran guard in Guang S., so it is not yet clear whether Piteson will eventually make the Hawks carefully.

But a player like this may mean that the rest of the ball will follow. It may eventually be a busy week for Peterson.

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