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The two sides have always said that they hope to be able to sign a long, but they seem to make up for their differences. Whether it is a privileged label contract or renewal bellets will get a salary, his privileged label contract is $ 10.8 million, but it is not allowed to ensure that you can leave a team later.

Under the leadership, the quarter-saving Matthew Stafford has ushered in a short spring. The 2015-2018 season, Stafford passed the ball completion rate of 66%, before his average passed completion rate did not exceed 63.5%. Although the number of passes pushing the code decreases, Stafford’s transmitter score is kept under 90, and the ball transformation is also relatively reduced. In 2017, he has helped a large contract and became the quarter-saving of the first annual salary.

The packaging work that the offense struggled to win, the winning and high-input defensive group work is not. The packaging worker has not allowed to get 16 points or more in the season, and the Eagle offensive group has got more than 20 points. The game of the two is another big point of view.

The eagle that is injured is hard to play two joints, and the attack and anti-dumb fire in critical moments are more important to the team morale. Attacking, Source the offensive front line began to expose the deficiencies of the insufficient protection of the outside, and the healthy external connections cannot give Carson Wentz to support. The defensive end is even more vulnerabilities, only the front line 7 occasionally highlights. This season, the old eagle field was out of the opponent from 300.3 yards, and the lack of Ronald Darby was more snow.

[Event Prevent] Fourth Week Thursday Night Tournament: Green Bay Packaging Works VS Philadelphia Eagle

A Philadelphia eagle with only 1 won and 2, another is a green bay packaging in the northern part of the country, and the two teams with high goals this season have not been lost in this Thursday night.

When the privileged player renewed the deadline, it seems that Berry will play in the new season’s privacy label contract. Unless there is a huge progress in the next time, Kansas City chiefs and Beri are unlikely to sign a long-term renewal contract.

But this year Stafford has not been further further. 2017 Ranking League 13th Lion Offense This year fell to the League 24. Lion’s 2017 year scored 25.6 (League 7), but this year fell to 20.3 (League 26).

Berry was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2014. He returned in 2015 and motivated the chief to win 11 wins and 5 losses, in the seasons, the chief of the chief of the semi-finals got 30-0 rule victory . Berry acquired 61 hugs last season, 10 times destroyed the pass and 2 copies, enough to let him enter the professional bowl and was selected in the best lineup, he was also rated as an annual best return player.

The lion decided not to renew the offense coordinator Kut

US Tuesday, according to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the lions and offensive coordinators Jim Bob Cooter decided to break up. The team officially confirmed this news.

Fortunately, the fourth week’s opponents are only 215.7 yards. This season, whether it is the depth of the pass target or the success rate of the code chain, the offensive group still did not get the quagmire over the past few years, this is not a single person’s responsibility of Matt Lafleur . In the air-fighting in the air, it is the second line of the eagle or the outer hand of the packager first awakening, will be the key to win.

Braddy did not participate in the discharge period voluntary team training in these two years, and he spent the time to spend the family. It seems that this year, in addition to spending with his family, he worked hard to plan for his career.

He posted a picture of a cover map on his own tweet, and he hangs high height, apparently the meaning of hanging boots. After his friend, Haiye’s corner of Richard Sherman’s first time: “Pay tribute to my brother Lin Qi, share the previous field. Time is my pleasure. “

The 27-year-old Cooper last season has been traded from the Chief Trading from the Emirates, and the first 13 games in Arizona, and harvest 4 copy of the new high career. Cooper added experience and talent added to the two lines of the bear team. The seven-year-old show in this chief has harvested 3 copies in the rookie season, once forced the ball, and got the ball and 1 defensive group to reach. He career in the 53 game in the game.

Safety Wei Belry may not be able to sign a long to the chief

After just completing an unprecedented return season, Safety Wei Rick Berry, finds that he is a few players who need to face privileged labels.

“Rugby, I love this sport. I like to play since childhood. It is hard to imagine what other things in life,” he said. “I love playing, so I can be at 41 years old & mdash; & mdash; soon 42 years old & mdash; & mdash; time to come to me is a great thing.”

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