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Capet Nick was listed as injured left shoulder in Week 11 of the list of injuries the team, it may be played. He was injured in the fourth week of the race, but after starting four games. NFL official website reporter Ian – Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Nick will accept Capet left shoulder surgery.

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Capet Nick was demoted to the bench in the ninth week, Breen – Jia Bote (Blaine Gabbert) became the starting quarterback. Coach Jim – Tang Mu Sula (Jim Tomsula) at the time that he wants to take a step back at Nick Capet rest. At that time the general idea is to Capet Nick a chance to regain the starting position. Now the opportunity is gone, he will only be able to watch Jia Bote led the team to the rest of the season.

This season, Sanchez came 7 times and won four of them. Although the play style becomes more conservative, he still gives the opponent 9 times. How to limit the problem of mistakes is still the head of Sanchez. But in any case, because the Falls are not fixed, the eagle can only choose to continue to believe in Sanchez in the rest of the game.

Although the four-dimensional guard of the Carolina Black Leopard did not wear “S” clothes, he rescued a lady from the mud, and there was no signature action. This behavior is a pure heroism. Because of the continuous rainstorm in the Pulkenes region, the road is muddy. It is reported that Newton is seen from the mud from the mud.

The Gas of 36 was considered to have a chance to become a head coach next summer. The team’s running problem is a test of him. He needs to prove that his success is not just Manning. This week, Montee Ball will come back, which will also provide more tactical options for Gas.

The wild horse offensive coordinator is bothered by the ground attack problem

In the last half season, the excellent performance of Denver’s wild horse made people ignore their shortcomings in ground attacks. People seem to have already identified, even if they cannot get support, PEYTON Manning is still able to win. But last week with the new England patriot competition such as a big hammer, waking up the wild horse, and woke up all the fans. It is realized that the team must strengthen the ground attack.

Smith is 30 years old, and has been a substitute for Russell Wilson since Join the Sea Eagle since the 2019 season. But until the 14th week of the 2020 season, Smith won the opportunity of the game. In the 40-3 RC jet, Smith passed 5 times, completed 4 times, and advanced 80 yards.

In the 41 regular sessions of your career, Smith served as 31. He served as a jet in the new year year, and the regular season recorded 8 wins and 8 losses. In the first year of the year, Smith only won three games. In 2017, Smith signed a contract with the giants, and was started after being replaced by Eli Manning.

Wild Horse Offense Coordinator Adam Gase said: “I feel very worried about the current status of the team lack ground offensive. We must find the progress method, find some ways to make the running guards. We Will try to do more, see what these boys can do. “The ground attack of wild horses can only be placed in the bits of all the teams, and their fields have tried to be more than 25 times, but they can’t advance 100 yards.

Capet Nick to the team salary cap to sign a little effect on the contract in 2014, which makes 49 people may give up his 28-year-old. His 2016 salary of $ 13.9 million until April 1 will become a guaranteed income.

This is naturally a good news for Sanchez. In Sunday, Sanchez came out of 2 times, and the final eagle was also lost in Dallas. This field’s failure is a shadow of the eagle shocking the playoffs, the team has fallen into the unfolded desperation. In the game, Sanchez is flat, facing the cowboy is full of aggressive defensive groups. After a few key passes, he also was again questioned again.

Kelly: Falls also takes more time

Despite the poor performance this week, Mark Sanchez can also participate in the competition next week. Previously, media said that the eagle is considering the immediate enable Nick Foles. Local time Monday, churly churly-Kelly denied this rumor, and he said that Work can not be returned to the team.

If you don’t accidentally, Smith’s main task this season will still be a substitute. But he once said to the media reporter that he still hopes that one day can be re-issued. “I don’t think my career will be ended soon. I can still play for a long time. Whenever the opportunity, where to come, make contributions, lead the team to win, continue to do, I will be the most important thing.”

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