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Schodes is characterized by excellent running path capabilities and a steady ball hand. Texas can use him to deandre Hopkins, or you can put him in a punch formation Run the true pass to obtain the number of common codes.

Two generals of the piles are expected to be completed this week.

Chuck Pagano received a reporter’s interview on Saturday: “External handleng-Wayne and the horns Titte-Davis” will be done this week. ” Last week, Wayne was missing because of the injury of elbows, Davis had a little time due to the lap.

In fact, more important is Davis’s injury, and his close-up to the other side has been the key to the winning horses. Because Davis and another angular Greg Toler can compete for a pair of people defense, the horses can invest more defensive players to make a series of combined impact on the opponent’s pocket.

Defensive Directions Squs SHAQ Lawson, Levi Wallace, External Hand Andre Roberts and Die Nsekhe Unable to determine possible. Except for other people outside Walles training, Walles missed Tuesday training.

Tenguova dislocated his hips in the game of the Western West, the State University last season. Doctors who have been checked for him before the draft have already believed that he can play in the rookie season.

Piteson said: “Viking will not let me catch the ball, but this is very fun for me, I started playing American football at the age of 7, many people say that I can’t catch the ball, but I started playing at the age of 7 How can I not catch a ball. “

“I think you have a tactical board,” Alius said. “Peyton Manning is played in the rookie season, Andrew Luck is played in the rookie season, this (Ben Roethlisberger) is accidentally gaining opportunities One of the players, because Tommy Maddox is hurt. You missed all the training came, you missed the game’s play chance. I think you have a tactical board to watch the game is something you can’t learn. “

Peterson said: I am a very good ball.

Beijing June 14th, the most famous transaction in this session is obviously Adrian Peterson to the New Orleans Saints. We don’t know if he is a running guard who is good at catching the ball. So will he be willing to run the ball of Drew Brees?

2. Patriots take over Julian Erman (Julian EDELMAN) restricted training and cannot be determined.线 卫 贾 贾 – JA & RSQUO; WHUAN BENTLEY, defensive defender Terence Brooks (Jamie Collins), Jonathan Jones, Jonathan Jones, Jones, Joneson and Jason – McCourty is also the same.

Summary: Texas people have doubtful

Texas people take over Will Fuller is still being plagued by the injury of the groin, and the situation will be decided before the game. However, Multi-Party Report said that Fuller’s play may not be optimistic. He has not played after 16 weeks of injury.

Arian is right, but the problem currently considering the Dolphin is that Tenguova is still Ryan Fitzpatrick to make the team more opportunities. If the team thinks that Fitz Patrick allows the team to win more, what do they do?

It is also necessary to remember that first let Fitz Patrick will make it easy for Tenguovaa to be more likely to be more likely to be reversed. Once it is considered to be that the team’s four-defense Tenguova is poor, let him sit on the bench will be harmful to his growth and confidence.

In fact, when Viking’s quadrant is Brett Favre, Peterson is relatively better at 2009 and 2010, and he completed 43 battles in the 2009 season, 2010 He completed 36 battles. These two seasons are also his only two seasons. The number of balls have exceeded 300 yards.

In recent recent interviews, Portson said that he didn’t worry about his own ball, he said that he lacked the ball ability. This thing is entirely because of the Most of his task is the error interpretation of his mission when the Minnesota Wei is. .

In 2015, Jones has completed 13 games in the Cincinnati Tiger to hold 65 games to advance 816 yards and 4 reachaes, but the 2014 season is absent Cheap Jerseys From China the ankles and feet. At present, it seems that the Detroit Lion gives Jones’ great trust, and the lion is very close to the potential of Jones.

Malvin-Jones has been prepared for Johnson’s preparation

Marvin Jones recently said that he would not feel pressure to replace Calvin Johnson. When Jones encountered TMZ sports reporters in Los Angeles Airport, Jones said true: “This is completely free, at least I didn’t feel it.”

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