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The 49-person defensive group, who is governed by the old Wire, Navorro Bowman, has a comprehensive improvement in the professional spirit during this year. Dumerville has been selected for 5 times, and the last time he won 17 times in Baltimore. He missed the competition for half a season due to the long-term foot injury in the last season.

When the lack of Jordy Nelson, Jordy Nelson made his situation, Kobo was dissatisfied with the current situation and this problem. “I don’t know what kind of performance you want me,” he said after a stop. “I don’t know what you want to hear. I will play later, I will make better performance for this team. I will do more. I will be the best Landao I can become.”

Although the crow still needs to decide which privileged label for the specific location of the crow is still necessary to determine the privileged label of the specific location. The privileged label of the external guard is $ 16.3 million, and the defensive end of the privileged tag value is $ 19.3 million. But in any case, only 30 million US dollars in the salary space, using the privileged label means that the team will decrease in the free player market.

Crow on defensive end Matthew – Zhu Dong uses privileged player label

On March 14th, the Baltimore Crow Friday officially used the privileged player label on the defensive end Matthew – Matthew Judon, which would prevent him from entering the free player market.

“For the career, I want to get a long to get a long,” Zhu Dong said in an interview. “The fact is this. I think this is what we want to get when many players are about to enter the free player market. Eventually, I know that I will be playing in next season.”

cheap nfl jerseys from china official website reporters revealed that Foster’s situation is not optimistic, and he needs to take a big risk to play this week. If Foster can’t participate, it is undoubtedly a significant loss for Ryan Mallett, who is about to usually welcome the first first first hair. Alfred Blue has a chance to debut again. In the third week of this season, Phu completed his career for the first time. His full game holds a 78 yards in 13 times. Texas people’s opponents in this week are poor in the anti-run this year. They have to give the opponent 134.2 yards. This will also become a good opportunity to prove your own opportunity in Bud.

33-year-old Dumerville has achieved 9 kills in the past two seasons, and he will join the increasingly powerful 49-person pass impact combination. The opponent offensive group is now considering dealing Dumerville, this year’s first round show, Solomon Thomas, 2016 Xiudad Frester-Bakner (DEFOREST BUCKNER) and 2015 First Round Show Alike ARIK ARMSTEAD.

Tiger Coordinator: Malvin-Jones made back himself

Cincinnati fierce tiger, Marvin Jones, will then come in the regular season after December 29, 2013. Despite this, Tiger is still looking forward to returning to the game in September. In the game last Friday, Jones appeared 25, and completed 1 boller for 17 yards.

Arian – Foster this week

As far as the current situation, Houston Texas Star Racing Ali Foster is very likely to absent this week with Cleveland Brown game. Foster was injured in the 30th of the 5th week of the Philadelphia eagle, which was previously reported that the Course will provide Foster to provide enough rehabilitation time, but the result is not satisfactory. Foster was lacking 2 days of training this week, and after participating in a small part of the training as a “doubt” after participating in a small part of the training on Friday.

Pete Carroll received a reporter’s interview after the end of Saturday training, he said: “There is no substantial progress in both sides, but we have been trying to deal with this matter. I have been trying to communicate with him. However, there is still many ways to continue to discuss it. “

In the cheap nfl Jerseys integrated investment camp in last month, General Manager Eric Decosta refused to explain the privilege label for Zhu Dong. At that time, he also said that the team did want to have a long time to sign Zhu Dong.

Huaji Jackson is not in his data, he cares about Jones’s game gesture: “He has begun to return to himself. Now Jones is the Jones we are familiar with, every day he They are getting better. “Jackson especially emphasized the ability of Jones running routes, praising them with outstanding mobile capabilities and speed. The fourth-level junction hopes to get rid of injuries in the new season, and become an essential player that the team offensive group.

Kobo was affected by the shoulder injury encountered in the early season, but he did not absent the game. He lacked an explosive performance in recent weeks. In the past four games, the number of balls in the game per game did not exceed 45 yards, nor did it achieved an over. In the eighth week, he completed 6 battles & mdash; & mdash; the third weeks of & mdash; & mdash; but the average of 4.5 yards were advanced each time.

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