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In the bullets of the bullet, Brown is the best time. His ability is best for dispersion offensive systems, while patriots often use such offensions. The patriot may be touched by his performance in the regular season in the regular season last season, and he showed a good change ability, so that many Denver wild horse defensive players were missing, and finally he had 91 yards.

The contract of Hoyel and Texas continued to the 2016 season, he will receive $ 5.25 million in the 2016 season, because of the relationship between BROCK Osweiler, he will become the team’s substitute, but this contract price It’s a bit high, so Texas will find ways to sell Hoyel.

We suspect that the Patriots introduced Brown only as the insurance of Dion, Dion Lewis, which is a life of Di I-Lewis, which is a knee-ligament, but encountered a knee. Due to Brown, Lewis and James White played the biggest power in the pass attack, the patriot seems to be able to sign or Wholesale jerseys select a powerful running guard in a short distance or in the draft. It is a time consumption.

Texas people substitute four-point guardI have given Tom Brady as the Patriot, Tom Brady, is obviously a strong appearance desire. In the competition of Texas 21-31, the first quarter-point Wei Len-Fitz Patrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) only played 27-pass 13, 203 yards mediocre performance. Maplet published a quite intriguing twice after the end of the game: “Focus on the arrival of the opportunity, grasp the opportunity. # 期 中 #”. But after an hour, I cut this tweet.

Jet is intended to retain Run Bell and Safety YadosUS time on Tuesday, in an interview in the jets, running Weidian-Bell (Veon Bell) and the safety Wei Mamal-Adams’s proimaries have become focus. General Manager John Douglas said that the team will work hard to leave two people.

Last season, Hoyell completed 19 pass to Dagua and 7 cases of copy, the performance of the playoffs was very bad, but he proved his value, if the New York jet management group could not win Len Fitz In the case of Ryan Fitzpatrick, it seems to consider Hoyrele.

Just in the US time, it is the last preseason of the giant team. Davis’s super performance came again. He completed the ball with more than 65 yards, including a 40 yard, a defensive player. Under the strict defense and deceive the defenders.

Giants Xiu Query Mi-Davis performanceWhen the New York Giants selected Jeremy Davis, I would like to give a bright performance in the special team, but this season is obviously he at the stage. The performance is far more than these.

“Don’t whistle, I deliberately hit our quarter,” Lu’an said, “Why did Joe Flacco whistled, they would throw the yellow flag, now Mario Tag has been maliciously hitting them. But if it is vain? It’s simple. Some people will blame me: & lsquo; You are too fire & rsquo ;. If the referee does not protect my quarter, then I have to stand up. “

Titan’s disappearance believes that the referee has not protected Maryta. Although Titan 23-20 is better than the crow, Taylor Lewan is not very happy. He wondered why the referee did not have a blowup of the Opio, Matthew Judon’s intentional impact on Mario Tag.

Douglas said: “We have not yet (and Bell) began to communicate. Revie is an excellent teammate, we like him very much, his excellent is difficult to say to Hellip; & hellip; can have a great in the team. His data may Not ideal, but we also need to improve the ability to open up space, so that he can be as invincible as in the steel man. “

Yesterday, he published another Tete to explain: “Please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t want to compete for the first place through the means of social media. I am a team player, I will definitely accept the coach to me. The mission arranged. “Of course, he also said in an interview after the team training:” Who doesn’t want to play? “

Texas will enter the wheel next week, the coach Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; BRIEN) Will you appoint the first four-point guard to the old Malet? Let us see that this deleted push will not be a certain aque.

When talking about Adams, Douglas said: “He is a player who exceeds people’s imagination. I hope that Jamar is staying in the jet. We have already communicated with his broker, I will not say too much detail, but hope Let Adams stay here for a long time. “

Lu’an does not care about the alliance. After the Titanian array, the referee had blown Lu’an’s foul, but Lu An believed that he was only in front of the university teammate, the crow defensive front line member Willie Henry.

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