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Although it is easily injured, McCahn is a stable pass and prove that he can lead the offensive group to advance. It can make this old return to the stadium should especially help Brown’s long attack. Although Kasler is calm and showing a stable pass accuracy, he cannot complete the long pass. After McCan returns, you can expect more long biography in Brown Tactics.

Howard is more than a thousand swaps in the first two seasons, the number of shocks (276) in the last season (276), the number of punch codes (1122) and the number of reagent (9) are ranked first. The 12 games of the game is also the first in the two seasons in these two seasons.

McCaun said that he said herself “forward in the right direction” so that he may be able to play in the next game of New York jet. Brown coach – Jackson did not announce who will serve as the first quarter.

The sakura coach Aliis revealed in February to receive surgery for kidney cancerBeijing July 12th, Arizona, Cruise, Bruce, Bruce Aria, revealed that he was diagnosed with kidney cell carcinoma in kidney cancer during the 2016 season.

Miami Pioneer reporter Adam Beasley reported that dolphins may establish new training facilities at all teams on the west side of Hardstone Stadium. The construction project is expected to spend $ 75 million and put into use after two years.

The update facility is really necessary, the dolphins have been training in the venue of Nova Southeast in 1993. Although the facilities have been renovated, the indoor training ground has also been increased in 2006, but it still can’t catch a new facility. Comfortable.

Percy Harva is very happy to stay in the jetThe New York Jet Brigade took over Perth Harvin’s influence of the ankle injury, but there would be no news that he won’t affect him in this week, but he can continue next season. It is more interested in playing whether the jet fleet is better than the game.

Naki said: “Some people think that Howard can only be responsible for the first gear and the second file, I will be opposed. He can play cheap nfl jerseys from china the first gear to the third gear, we will use him like him, if necessary, We will let others be responsible for the first gear and the second gear. Jordan and others must understand that he is a very important part of the offensive group. So far his career is very good. If we don’t know how to use him, then Retooted with the coach. “

However, it is well known that the jet will have a relatively large change after the end of this season, so no one dares to guarantee Harva will leave, but Harva, which has been unhappy with the two weeks, I want to be in him. For more than one time in the third team of effectiveness.

Dolphin wants to invest $ 75 million to build training facilitiesThree months ago, there was news that dolphins were expected to build new training facilities in the next four years. According to recent reports, this facility may be built next to their home court.

“We don’t actively sell him as reported,” Rosman declared. “I think, for us, we have to let outstanding players return as soon as possible. I didn’t tell you that he is ready to play the first game, but we are indeed looking forward to the time before the injury cannot be restricted by injury.”

Alius wrote in his own new book he confirmed in December last year and decided to coach the last season. He accepted surgery in February this year and will restore health, you can coach the 2017 season.

In this regard, Harvin gives a sure answer: “I feel like this, the surrounding teammates are brothers, I like this atmosphere.” The next season Harva contract is a guaranteed 10.5 million. The US dollar, the jet team must decide whether it is left or cut off.

On the other hand, the internal personnel of the dolphins have also hoped that the workplace can be closer to the current ticketing and commercial sectors work in the Miami Garden Stadium, and the rugby running department works in the location of Nova Southeast University.

The bear coach believes that the running 卫 华德 can bear the three missionBeijing July 22, Chicago Bear This year, the operation of the season made the offensive group rejuvenated, Glenn Robinson, Taylor Gabriel and Treburs (Tre Burton) Add to add offensive weapons, new coaches Matt Nagy and Mark Helfrich bring more strategies to the team. In addition, the performance of Jordan Howard is also worth looking forward to the performance of Jordan Howard.

“Decided to activate Alhang because we feel that if you stay in the list of injured, this basically means he can play until the seventh game can come,” Rosman explained. “We feel that he will prepare before that. He thinks he will prepare before that. We think he is an excellent player, so we want him to return to this team as soon as possible. Obviously, under the new rules You can use a spap group player in the game day, which is new for us. “

Owl General Manager: I didn’t actively sell the outer pickup Al Shang – JeffreyPhiladelphia eagle expects AlShon Jeffery to come back from injuries in advance, which is why they live in the list of 53 people cheap nfl jerseys from china the injury before the analysis of injury. However, Howie Roseman, General Manager of the Eagle, further clarified the recent rumors that may trade Jeffrey.

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