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The fourth week of Sunday and Night Tournament: Steelman home 43:14 Sluto chiefBeijing time on October 3, 8:30, the fourth week of the regular season, Sunday Night Race started in Pittsburgh, and the Pittsburgh Stebcommaster met the Kansas City Emirates. The two sides have handed over 5 times, and the steel people team 3 wins and 2 loses slightly, but they lost to the Emirates at 13:23 last season. Two teams of teams are currently 2 wins and 1 loss. The two teams are mainly running: Levian – Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell) and Jamal Charles (Jamal Charles) will become a big point in this game.

The Emirates first attacked, the steel people’s defensive endkum-Hayward (Cam Heyward) won the team’s second trick this season, the Emirates did not give it. The steel people came up by the four-dimensional “Big” Ben – Rosley Ben Roethlisberger, and Sammie Coates pushed 47 yards, but they did not use this time. The score of the ball, you can’t get it. Emirates, steel people, defensive end, Stephen, Stephon Tuitt, persecutant, Sprecer Ware, steel, steel people, corner, Ross Cockrell Pick up the ball on the 32 yard line of the Airate. Subsequently, the unmanned steel people took over the Darrius Heyward-Bey, and the 31 yard passed the ball to score, plus 2 yards of Markus Wheaton. 2 points of the ball, the steel person is leading 8: 0.

The Emirates offensive, the passage of Alex Smith was defensive Didwangkan-Hayward destroyed, and the outside Gay Jones will clarify the ball. The steel team started attack on the Antonio Brown on the Antonio Brown, and the steel team 15: Cse.Google.Co.Kr 0 leads. After the steel people scored, the big feet were born, the Emirates were trapped by the Davis (Knile Davis) was trapped in the second code line. Then the Emirates can’t give it to the kick, abandoned the Dustin Colquitt, only kick the ball out of the 23 yards. The steel people again attacked again, Antonio-Brown took the 38-size long conveyor score, and the first section of the Steel Human Team established 22: 0 leading advantages.

The Emirates ranked three times again, and then the first section ended, and the two sides were once again fighting. Ben – Rossreis Berg was killed, the steel people had to discove them. Catholic Tharek Hill returns 78 yards, however, to be canceled due to the fourth of the Illegal Block in the back. Before the Airate team was advanced to the free kick, it could not be converted to three gears. They can only give it again. The steel people get the ball, and they will find near-end David – David Johnson to promote 26 yards. The steel person has been advanced to the score line, and the proximal pole James squatted 9 codes score, the steel team 29: 0 leads. Subsequently, four-point guards Alex-Smith uses the last half of the last less than a minute of continuously, came to the steel person’s 31 code line and tried the free kick. Dosin-Kukuiti is slightly mistaken, and the kicks will play Cairo Santos 49 yards freeesty to attempt to biased the middle column. The two sides entered the second half with a score of 29: 0.

The second half of the game is basically a junk time. The steel man first attacked. Run Verevian – Bell ball promotes 17 yards, Zevier Grimble catches 19 yards, Marcus Piton 30 yards reach score, score becomes 36: 0 . The two teams have discarded them. The next step forward to the score line, facing the four-speed 3 yards, near-end Edway Travis (Ross Travis) cannot catch the ball, the Emirates will make the ball.

In the fourth quarter, the Steel people who started to pay attention to the road attack first. Adding Albert Wilson (Albert Wilson) pushed 17 yards, Tatajk Hill crossed 10 yards to score, the Emirates 36: 7 refused zero. Exchange the right, big Ben, find Sami-Du, then push 18 yards, then run away from the Gulie-Belwhered ball to advance 44 yards to get the division, run Guide Angelo – Williams (Deangelo Williams) ) The scorpion 2 code is score, the steel person team 43: 7 leads. After the three gear of the Emirates, the steel people sent a substitute four-point guards, Landry Jones, and three gear. Before the end of the game, the Emirates running Wus Pans Pans Pander Ville Push Push 46 yards, close-edge TRAVIS – Kelles 4 seconds in the game, 3 yards score, for The Emirates reclaimed the face. In the end, the whole game ended, the steel body 43:14 slaughtered the Emirates, and took the third victory next season.

In terms of data, the steel person quad-shock “big book” Ben-Rosreisberg 27-pass 22, advanced 300 yards, 5 reached 0 copy, quad-branch 82.5 approached. Run Verevian – Bell 18 times, 144 yards, one code 8.0 yard, 5 times, take 34 yards. Antonio – Brown 4 shots, 64 yards, 2 Deta. Sami – Khazi 6 times, 79 yards.

Last Meore was played in four games, the first three games, the transfer rate of 63.2%, obtained 721 yards and 8 reached, accompanied by 3 copy. Passage rating 105.6. I also sent 12-30 to the throne of the steel person, 289 yards in the 36-pass 29, 1 to 1 to 1 copy.

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