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This wonderful team is Washington red skin, that year, the regular season record is 8 wins and 1 loss! Yes, no mistakes! Because it is a regular season stop, the players will ask for payment and strike. In the first and 2nd weeks of competition, the third week of the competition was postponed until early January, the 3rd to 9th week of cancellation. In this way, the Red Leather Promotes the playoff game, in fact, 16 in the 28th team entered the playoffs, and the impact of the seasonal stop.

This season is the worst season of Bell career. He has an average of 3.2 yards per shock in 12 games. It is the lowest career, only 4 times a total of 4 times. He was also affected by knee and ankle injury.

NFL official website reporter Ian – Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Marshall’s contract extension worth 32 million US dollars, including guaranteed income of $ 20 million. This includes $ 10 million signing bonus contract extension will allow the effectiveness of the Marshall Islands for the Broncos to the 2020 season.

But regardless of the loss, this is not a good news for Branet, because he is working on a new contract, but the management of the Cowboy has been involved in the field event because Brines frequently entered the field event. Willing to give him a big contract.

External hand dez bryant admitted that he was a member of these 20 people after the Jacksonville America, but he stressed that he did not suffer from violation of the provisions, he was very good in the game. Keep your attention. Indeed, this game Bryant pushed 158 yards and https://bbs1.qianfanyun.Com/home.Php?mod=space&uid=6177&do=profile sent two times.

After completing this copy, the dolphine team was discarded to the midfield after 3 cases of attack on his own 1 yard line. However, the Red Leather Team will not be able to get the first attack in 3 attacks. When 4 files 1 yard, they chose to attack. The offensive coordinator Joe Gibbs shouted a famous “70 CHIP” tactics, which was originally designed to earn a short code, but this time, the running guard John Riggins long-distance strikes 43 yards to get up to the array. Lay the foundation for the final win.

Jet runs Belle still participates in bowling activities before the cold is absent.

The colds of Run Threvone – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) made him absent the game of the New York jet defeating Miami dolphins, but did not let him absent bowling activities.

Linebacker Brandon – Marshall 4-year contract with the Broncos

Although Denver Broncos still yet to get von – Miller (Von Miller) huge contract extension, they retain another key member of the defense team.

“We are thrilled to renew and Brandon 4 years,” team general manager John – Elvey (John Elway) representation. “In the past three years Brandon has become an important member of our defense group and has been trying to pay to become a key member of the team. Congratulations to Brandon and we expect him to play for the Broncos for many years.”

Three years of football career made her admitted to the Shenyang Sports Institute. After the school played a year, Zhao Ying regrets that the news of the English football team disbanded. Zhao Ying, Zhao Ying, who is not dead, began to find other teams, soon, she found the Shenyang Hunter American football team. Zhao Ying said: “Although there are many differences in American and English rugby, it is basically two sports, but whether it is English or American, this is a team movement, which is teamwork and cooperation in various aspects. “

However, when the wholesale nfl jerseys dramatic day is near, Schneider is still a quiestel Wilson, which favors the University of Wisconsin, at the time of this idea, has become a laughter in a Zijin Lao in the Hawks Training Base. “He has the cover of a program list (Wisconsin),” Schneider recalls, “Then the group of people constantly throw this to my desk.”

In the playoffs, the Red Leather team faced the front two rounds of opponents to make a relaxed letter, and chopped the underwritious dishwaver, the Detroit Lion and Minnesota Viking, two games lost 14 points. The third playoff faced the only loss of the routine defeat opponent Dallas denim, after the game, the cowboy finally did not support in the fourth quarter, with 17-31.

Although Zhao Ying has a very happy, for Zhao Ying’s parents, I like American football is equivalent to a “pit”, Zhao Ying said: “I am going back, my mom saw me holding a helmet, I know that you are going to play football. I don’t know if you ride a motorcycle. In fact, I am starting with rugby, and my home is not very supportive. It is often injured. I have the inside of my knee. The sub-ligament has been injured, and it is still not completely good. After training with the hunter several times, there is also a scratch, but these are can’t stop me, I just like it, I can’t take me at home. And I don’t care about this kind of thing. The injury is also normal in one athlete, just like the coach said, the injury to him is the medal you have learned. “

Perhaps this is the most prominent Doug Baldwin that has been effective. He recalls that Schneider is talking to Schneider after the end of the 2011 draft conference: “John tells me that there is a chance to put in front of me, grab it, Competition became the first hair, played as soon as possible, I also chose to trust him. He didn’t lie to me. “Baldwin completed the entire alliance in 2015, the first 14th ball reached, in June this year, he renewed with the team with the team. About 4 years.

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