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The name of En Eim Parria was familiar with the fans in his effectiveness in the New York jet, and the lack of Swano Smith was wounded. After being retired by the jet, Empari joined the same partial Bill. Front jet trainer Rex Ryan is willing to give a new opportunity to Empari, but his performance is not enough to help him stay in 53 people.

As a six-round show in the 2014 season, En Ampary is only 6 times in the rookie season, completing 3 times. Although there is no big list, it is also a good choice for the training lineup for En Empari. When a routine player has a injury, he will have the opportunity to hit the big list again.

Subsequently, there is a reporter asked, Bell will finally come to participate in the training camp, Tomstan’s answer is: “This problem is so cute, I just said, only pay attention to the player here. Ok, don’t ask Ray, don’t ask Ray, Ang’s thing. “

Steelman coach Tomstone: people who only report to report

On July 26, the same as last year, the steel man also took a lot of effort in the summer of this summer, in order to run Zi Zevo-Bell (veon Bell). Unfortunately, they have no more, and the contract has not been talked. Bell does not come to the training camp, but the steelman is Mike Tomlin will not distract.

49 people take the outer handle – Smith put into the injury reserve list

For the 49 people in San Francisco, their season is over a few weeks. For the outer handle latter-Smith, cheap nfl Jerseys From china his season officially ended on Friday.

Tomlin said: “I only pay attention to the players, the views of Levieon are similar to a year ago. Both sides hope to reach a new contract, but also do their best, but unfortunately, we have to be ready to go. The arrival of the 2018 season, when he returned to the team, we will assess his abilities, see if it does not participate in training, there is no effect. Before, I will focus on the training ground, I think this is more appropriate. “

Fremman and Saint Siwu Jie Miss Winston have got the same university together and won the 2013 national championship. The last season of Fremiman is effective for the New York Giants, as an emergency after the injury of Saquon Barkley. In the end, he played 5 games, and the shock pushed 172 yards, reached a time.

This echoing with the President of Steelman, Art Rooney II, echo, who said to the Pittsburgh Media at the time, said that the team “willing” and Harrison continue to work, and also said: “I miss him is also like this.”

When we am sighing the performance of Tom Brady, nearly 40 years old, don’t forget Harrison’s achievements in the steel man. For other teams in the United States of America, unfortunately, steel people and Harrison are still very suitable for each other.

Bill announced the signing of the Empari

Ik Enemkpali returned to Buffalo, this time, he will appear in the team’s training lineup. Before 3 days ago, Bill announced him, then the second line guard was aggravated and the team became a member of the training lineup.

Although other passive shocks are all aged in this age of 38, Harrison is still able to settle the opponent to open the game and need to pay attention to him in the pass attack. Last season he was rated as the 11th impact of the League 11th in the field of professional football, and he also showed a good performance in the anti-run.

Saint and Run Devon Tower – Frimer Signing for a year

US time is reported on Saturday, according to ESPN reporters, Saint Sign with the former Falcon Run Guard Von Tower – Freem Freeman Signed a year.

Jay Ramsea ushered in the first show this week

The American tiger will let the Jalen Ramsey ushered in the appearance of the season. At the beginning of the training camp, Ramset entered the injury list in the operation of the core muscle group, but it was activated after 10 days. The coach Doug-Malone said that Ramse can play with Ramsea.

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