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Local time Monday, Wallace said that he would continue to stay in the dolphins, but he is not sure if the team really needs him. This is the second season of Wallace for dolphins, and he signed a five-year contract with the team in 2013, a big contract worth $ 60 million.

Red leather layoff starting safety 卫 巴 里 博博

After the end of Brandon Meriweather, the red skin announced on Tuesday to give up their first strong Weibali-Lambo (Bacarri Rambo) came to Merriwi’s 53 people. Space.

Dolphins take over, Luara, is uncertain to his future.

Mike Wallace and the relationship between Miami dolphins are becoming more and more subtle, disclosed according to teammates Brandon Gibson, Wallace is suffering from itself because they can’t play their own strength. Wallace believes that he is not needed by dolphins, which makes him feel very disappointed.

Lambo graduated from Georgia University, is the sixth round of Hongfei 2013, the rookie season as a tour, but his hug technology and the perspective choice problem is disease, often missed, so in the season The post-section is held on the bench by the coach group. In this season, it is responsible for the 76 yards of Dean Deandre Hopkins to Del Andre Hopkins. Become a close-end Edge Mercedes – Lewis’s 63 yards of the Mercedes Lewis.

Alon Rogers once again brought close to the close-end Feng Juery-Cook and won 29 yards. The competition entered the fourth quarter, the packaging team fake rigory, Rogers found unmanned running to guard James Starks, 31 yards, and the score became 22:17. The Red Leather offensive, Kusins, leaked away Pierre Garcon, 70 yards, red skin 29:17 leading. Green Bay takes over Landaol – Kobe short pass, get rid of defensive promotion 47 yards, Jereide – Cook 6 code ball reaches the ball, the packaging team rolls back to a reach, 29:24.

“When lying behind the ambulance, I don’t know how my football will last. In such uncertain and painful situation, I calmly calm and find the purpose of life. To August 30, 2016 … Thank you You. “Bridgewater wrote.

Wallace said: “I am not the general manager, not the coach, nothing. So I am not sure what will happen in the future.” Joe Philbin, the main coach, Wholesale nfl Jerseys said: “There is no change now. He is still our top hand. We have not considered it about next season. “This season, Wallace completed 67th battles, and won the 862 yard with 10 games. Relevant persons revealed that even if the performance of Wallace is not as expected, the team does not plan to trust him.

The red skin is followed by the short pass and the shock into the package, Wholesale nfl Jerseys and the Cosmin is found to find Jamison Claude to complete 53 yards, come to 1 yard line, run away from Robert – Kelly scorpion 1 code Array, despite the play of the Bags, Hopkins, Hopkins attached to the tattoo, the red skin still 35:24 locks the victory. Four minutes left, the packaging workers are close to the ball, and after the ball is brought, the Red Leather Team has a ball, running the Robert-Kelly scorpion 66 yards to get the branch, then he rushed The ball is 4 yards to score, and the red skin has been 42:24 lead. The wonderful warlet packaging team sent a substitute four-point Webit-Hendri (Brett Hundley), he was copied in the four files. In the end, the game is over, Washington Red Pad is 42:24 to overcome Green Bay Packaging.

In 2014, the first round of the first round was selected in the second grade season, all 16 games were first, and the passing 3231 yards were 14 times and selected for professional bowls. At that time, his future was bright. But this time the injury has ended his day in Viking. He later joined the Saint New Orleans and revived his career in the past two seasons.

At that time, Bridgewater had already showed his potential, but this serious injury quickly gave his future. However, he finally rewarded the game, and now he has become the first four-point guard, he is about to usher in the head of the black panther. He expressed his feelings from the twitter.

The second half of the red skin first holds the ball attack, Jordan Reed completed 28 yards long-distance ball, playing the Bag Hopkins 37 yards, the red skin 16:10 expanded the leading advantage. The Red Leather Team after scored, and the packaging worker returned to the attack, they had to start attack on this 2 yard line. Unmanned Green Bay near-end Feng Juejide – Jared Cook successfully completed 47 yards, Lanta, Kobe ball, push 22 yards, play the ball Mesen – Crossby 36 码 意 球The shot is biased. Exchange the right, Endeng Denean-Jackson brought the 17 yards, then Kirk Coss, the Jamison Crowder, 44 code to score, followed by Kirk Hirin The two-point conversion attempts have failed again, and the red skin 22:10 is leading.

As soon as possible, the two team offensive groups have been out of the game. Red Leather Robert – Robert Kelley scored 18 yards, but then they had to abandon kick in the middle line. The Green Bay has been out of the third round of three times, and the red skin has a ball in the midfield. Maleice Harris has passed the four-point Kirk Cousins ​​short biography, promoted 14 yards, after the German DESEAN JACKSON, 17 yards, score, red skin 7: 0 first record.

The packaged packaging worker finally established an effective attack, and they entered the Red Area through a series of short pass through the four-dimensional Alon Rodgers. Enter the second quarter, three files 13 yards, Alon Rogers still passed the ball in the face of the mask, still passed the Jordy Nelson, 13 yards pass to achieve score, green bay with a wave of 8 points Half of the offense will be divided into 7: 7 flat. The red skin team is out of the game, and the packaging is taken away from the Randall Cobb. It takes 15 yards, Alon Rogers scorpion 17 yards into the Red District, and finally play Mason – Crossby ( Mason crosby) hits 36 yards, green bay 10: 7 leading. In the first half, the red-skinned end of Jordan Rid (Jordan Reed) first completed 26 yards to catch the ball, then shorted short pass to the defensive promotion 18 yards, and finally run the Robert-Kelly scorpion 10 code to score Red leather 13:10 anti-ratios. Then, the Chris Thompson was not able to complete the two points, and the two teams took 13:10 scores into the second half.

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