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Next week, the Subject of the free player was now determined that a contract with a total of 8 million US dollars a season worth 8 million. This contract predict that Glennong became The most expensive substitute for the league is quiz.

Lightning, Ji Nan-Allen is dissatisfied with a hundred players.

In the nfl jerseys TV network, the one-year-old group of Big Players, Los Angeles Lightning, La Nan-Allen Allen is ranked 77th. He is not satisfied with this result.

Jet has just fired the top-level defensive head of Lexing Lex Ryan, and hired a defensive coach, which seems to be a good solution. Bauers is about to face the team atmosphere of jets in the past few seasons.

At present, Glenn farm choices wait, he wants to watch the situation in the free market and the first needs of other teams, and if everything fails, he can also come back to do his substitute quarter-saving.

Smith contrast Crow New Show and Landao – Kobo

Steve Smith is looking for more help for the team. It seems that this year’s first round of drafts may work, but Smith is more favored another new show.

Glennong has currently received invitation from Chicago and New York jet, and it may become the first quarter-off. The 27-year-old Glennong is the third round of the pirate 2013. The first two seasons have been in 18 games, and 29 passed by 29 passes. 15 times were completed by 3 wins and 13 losses. Record.

The jet hires the preparation of the preparation team defensive coordinator to serve as coach

The New York Jet has a new masterpiece. They appointed the defensive coordinator of the Arizona Sapport team, Todd Bowles served as their new coach. Bowers plans to conduct contract signing ceremony on Wednesday morning.

Allen said on Twitter that he thinks he should rush, he also mentioned 3 players & mdash; & mdash; Kansas City chief outside Taili Hill (Tyreek Hill) and Tampa Bay piracy – Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, Allen believe that these three ranking should not be higher than you.

Balls returned to the Meidian East District at the end of 2011. This season’s Solda lost several defensive generals still staged crazy rushing and extremely aggressive defensive defense was the reason for Todd. At the same time, the jet team appreciates his leadership and the vision of the player’s potential.

“Well, I have already been able to bear, @ cheetah, @ mikeevans13_, @chrisgoodwin (still other people) is not more excellent than me! They will be faster than me, but I can pull the ball space. It’s enough! “Allen wrote. He spell the name and tweet account name in the essay.

For the current Carter, pop over here he needs to get the opportunity to enter the team’s big list. At present, there is not too much pass point. The most popular Smith of the crow last season has completed 55 balls.

Sean WeatherSpoon Due to the reimbursement of the loose torn season, another three-bit line guard & mdash; & mdash; Paul Worrilow (Pelt), Xiu De Threy – Campbell (DE & # 39; Vondre Campbell) (ankle) and Diion Jones (calf) & mdash; & mdash; After injury, the Falcon’s position is urgent to help. After the game, after the Wissen Perteration, it was originally listed as a three-line four-point guard, Laroy Reynolds, Laroy Reynolds. Falcon people are insufficient, which helps explain the Falcon Defensive Group Ranking League 30.

His pusher got Evans’s response, the latter said: “You find the wrong Chris Golden, don’t get angry with us, we don’t have a rankings, and you don’t care about this rank. I like this Your confidence, but the truth is that you and I am not a level of my brother. “

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