Ethereum Endgame Makes Case For Bitcoin

In a recent blog post called “Endgame”, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin addressed the concerns around undue centralization of Ethereum. But not so that he might dismiss those claims. Nay, he’d rather confirm them.


There are a couple of noteworthy comments in the beginning of this article, such as “average ‘big block chain’,” and “acceptably trustless and censorship resistant, at least by my standards.”

Clearly, Bitcoin is not considered the average blockchain, even by Buterin. All of us remember the Block Size Wars, where a hard fork known as Bitcoin Cash emerged from a fundamental disagreement around the acceptable block size for Bitcoin.

To summarize, Bitcoin as we know it today stood on the side of the everyman, allowing small block sizes so that anyone willing to could easily participate as a node. Proponents of what became Bitcoin Cash wanted to rival the likes of Visa in its ability to process transactions quickly, and demanded larger blocks in order to meet their idea of transactional demand.

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