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Titan Holder Amy Strunk said: “Steve and Eddie are the driving force for the end of the 1990s and early 2000 to lead Titan. They are the core and soul of the team, the two let The other players have become a better player, bringing success for the team. Their data will always have a team history record, but their actual performance and sacrifice will remember the fans. In order to thank everything they do, No. 9 and 27 will retire. “

When I saw this tweet, Preskot was laughed: “I certainly mentioned him at the time, this is just a very fun thing, I think he will not misunderstand, then I am a fan. You can go to the twitter of our university fans, they may also say this at some point in time, we are all fans. “

On the other hand, when faced with the top nearby front, the defensive performance of the package is not good. Travis Kelce, Darren Waller, Zach Ertz, and Kitel can get a result. In the past 11 games, the Green Bay Defensive Group was advanced by the near-end front, and the union was 44.

Rak 5th twenty-two successfully obtained 278 yards 4 times in 22 times in the game of the ball jet. He also completed 3 shots to get 26 yards. This victory makes 6 wins and 6-losing pony and Houston Texas people and Tennessee Titan first.

The Johnson passed from the outer connections and running guards in all positions were completed 91 yards 1 time. He also took 184 yards and 1 time, which included in the fourth-finals of the four-speed 1 yard conversion successfully, helping the Red Tit.

After Titan moved from Houston to Tennessee, McNair and George had led the team to enter the team in 4 playoffs, and won the partition championship twice, 2 times into the United States, and entered a super bowl.

2 players, Detroit Lions play the ball hand Matt Prater and New England Patriots play Stephen Gostkowski’s best won the best Special service group player. Pratt 5 years old, including 1 record 52 yards, helping the lions 28-13 overcome the New Orleans Saints. Gust Cosky completed all 4 freeestalls, including 1st 48 yards, helping patriots 26-10 to overcome Los Angeles ram.

George is the first round show in 1996, the scorpion promotion code 10009 Primary team history first, the total promotion code 12153 is also the header of the team. He is the only player in the history of wholesale nfl Jerseys for eight consecutive seasons.

Newton is the MVP in the 2015 season. After the end of the season, I have a surgery for my right shoulder. The current recovery is good, but Newton has not participated in the pass training during the mini training camp. He is considered to train on July 26 Return and started to train.

Titan will retreat Steve McNel, Eddie – George Gushing Number

On June 13, https://buhner.pl the United States time Wednesday, Taitan officially announced that Steve McNair’s 9th Rubsers and EDDIE George’s Jertine. The ceremony will be held at the home of the squad at 9.15.

The outstanding performance of Chicago Bear Guardian Akiem Hicks made him the best defensive player in China. In the 49th game of the Bear 26-6, he won 10 hugs in the 49 people in San Francisco, 2 times and once forced the ball.

3. The Patrioper University Scout Monti Ossenfort will interview the general manager of Brown. This is his first general manager. Two years ago, Texas once tried to attract him, but was rejected by the patriot. In addition, Andrew Berry, Executive Vice President of the Eagle Rugby Operation, will also interview Brown on Friday.

Kitel is a key ring of 49 people pass the attack. He has played 14 games, 85 times, pushed 1053 yards, reached 5 times. In the 12 weeks of competition, he pushed 129 yards, reached once, this is the only game of Kittel’s only game over 100 yards.

In the second season of Tusabi, the bear team entered the playoffs, but after that, the performance declined year by year. They got 8 wins 8 wins last season, and they have suffered 6 losers this season, and the record declines to 5 wins and 7 losses.

McNeel is the 3rd show, 1995, and his career has passed forward to the 31304 yard. There are 20 contestings in the regular season and playoffs, second only to Warren Moon (23). He was unfortunately killed in June 4, 2009.

In terms of defensive group, Eric Berry returned to Atlanta’s touching journey made him the best defensive player in Mei Week. The Kansas City Chief Safety Sanitary Ward from the treatment of chemotherapy for the first time to return to the hometown competition, he not only completed a 37-yard copy of the copy, and he was at the fourth quarter of Atlantian Falun Eagle attempted 2 points. CTs and pass the ball to attack 100 yards to help the chiefs get 2 points, which ultimately helped the chief to win. Berry also got 2 cockroaches.

The 13th week of the United States, the best players of the United States, unveiled

Andrew Luck Break New York Jet’s performance made this quarterition not only won a key victory for Indianapolis Pony.

“This is not motivated. This is the decision made at the time,” Watters said. “I have no association with them, and I didn’t have a look of Chicago. Of course, the media will do some articles, and as you said, for those fans, they will certainly have some ideas.”

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