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After the game, Ramq did not say anything after the game, and Green expressed his apologies. “I should go in this case, I really learn from the lesson, this will never happen again. I have accepted anything about what kind of punishment in the future, I let myself fall into such a situation. “

Manning said that his most annoying is to read advertisements. He said: “Once I see my ads, I will turn up the Tower, if my teammates are in, then I will leave immediately, I don’t want to hear me The sound of the advertisement, so I have few best to see my ad. No one is willing to see my performance in the advertisement. “

So Enrui shared a funny story: They all eat chicken cheese in the lunch room, I have read a long time: Hey, what is this? Manning replied: This is a cheese chicken. I replied: Ok, how is this taste? As we know, Manning answered very honest answer: OK, I just is serving them.

Bakley will play an important role in the new season giant offensive group. He got 3,843 yards 43 times a 3-season period for Pennsylvania, and completed 102 battles. The giant hopes that he can bring out the excellent performance during the university to the career.

Breddy said: “I think everyone trusts him, not just me. He is doing very well, can complete the outstanding attack, can catch my pass, grasp all kinds of opportunities. Of course, his rush It’s great, it is a very smart, very tough player. Whenever he appears, he can respond to the team’s expectations. “

According to reports, this contract is $ 31.2 million and is all guaranteed. The contract includes $ 20.76 million signature bonuses. After the Barkley is signed, it can get 15 million US dollars, and the remaining salary will be paid in October.

“I am happy for Camm,” Thompson said when the Newton. “I hate that he spent so long before being signed. He is a MVP quarter-saving. Caman still has strength. I am happy for him. I am very happy that the patriot is signed, I can’t wait to see Caman. Newton played. “

Black Leopard: Newton still has strength, Bridgewater state recovery

When the Carolina panther lineup had a huge change during the offset season, they ushered in Teddy Bridgewater as a new first quarter-off, while with the former first quartz, Skikam-Newton (CAM NEWTON) Say goodbye.

Black Leopard Line Squik Tompson is confident for the two quarter-offs prospects. In an interview, he said Bridgewater has returned to the graceful state of the occupational bowl when the Minnesota Victorians, and the Newton, which joined the new England patriots still has strength.

Last season, the black panther only achieved 5 wins and 11 losses, and the second consecutive season was more than less. Since the 50th super bowl, the black panther has been in the playoffs. The Black Panther, which needs to be rebuilt, ushered in Bridgewater, who wants to rebuild his career, is presented. At the same time, Newton also wishes to rebuild your career.

“I think Teddy will come to the team to change the offensive group. He has a great attack weapon,” Thompson said. “His 5 wins and 0 losers got at the New Orleans saints. This shows that Teddy selected by Minnesota Weijing is back. I am very happy to see this. I have always been Teddy’s Fans, especially when he is at the University of Louisville. I know that there is a lot of excellent attack weapons around him, and we have built the offensive frontline so he will feel comfortable in the four-point guard website. “

New York Giants and Lodge Show Run Bathquina – Barkel Signed

Beijing July 23, the New York Giants have been signed for 4 years from this year’s draft. Saquon Barkley. Buckley is signed at the training report.

In the current patriots backfinder, Meulink.ga Brandon Bolden and Montee Ball, just signed and activated. The team also tried up the old Steven Jackson on the local time on Wednesday. The patriot requires running guards to provide more help. At present, the performance of White is already able to meet the team’s demand in the pass attack.

Braddy: White wins everyone’s trust

The new England patriots’ running guards are often injured, which gives two newcomers James White. More opportunities. In the 13 weeks of competition, he got 51 opportunities to create a new season. In the past 4 weeks, Waite’s total has become one of the most trusted balls of Tom Brady, which has become one of Tom Brady.

Last season, cheap nfl jerseys Drake played a bright eye. He only completed 123 shots in 8 games for the 8 games of the Rock Champia, and then completed 22 batches to get 174 yards. Drake, which is a double threat running guard, suitable for the rock attack group. The red rickets were used this year to use a $ 8.48 million transition tag to ensure that he can play at least one year for the team.

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