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Entry-ended Demarry-Thomas is injured in the training last Wednesday, and he chooses to take injuries this week. In the end, he only completed 2 times in the game and won the 11 yard. This data is also a new low since 2011. Entry C. J. Anderson (C.J. Anderson) said: “I know D. T. I was hurt, but he still chose to take the injury. I think we need to bear more responsibility.”

But just in San Diego lightning for more than a month, this old will defensive disagree with different opinions: “There is a lot of talented players in the offense and defense of the flash, so that you are not true, but you see, Lightning draft chose a large number of newcomers to the defensive group, and the Hawks did not do this. If we let the players of the two teams training together, I think the defensive meeting of lightning will be better, this is a very exaggerated statement, but technology and Talent, this will be the case. And what we have to do is to believe in each other. “

Mebin completed a 3-year contract in March and lightning, and the defensive group of lightning last season, the average restriction of the opponent’s 21st place, restricting the total number of opponents, the 20th place, it seems that Me I thought The defending group needs him to provide more help.

cheap nfl jerseys from china official website reporter Ian Rapople once again confirmed the possibility of this situation. “The reality is that he is inadvertently smashed,” said Ladport. “I also know that he has already talked with his brigade, thinking that this will be his last game.”

The bear will hire the front tiger attack coordinator Bill Reze

US Time Monday, according to wholesale nfl jerseys NetWork reporters report, the bear will hire Bill Lazor, the Bill Lazor, which will hire the Bill Lazor.

Seahawks offensive league regular season road five, top ten countdown Packers running anti-coalition, but before the Seahawks running back Carson III, Seth Payne and general race already reported, relying on rookie Homer and the “old beast “it’s hard to drive the road to attack, while three were injured offensive front left side to make removal of the bench, so the Packers ran anti weaknesses seem not so conspicuous, the game will eventually evolve into the contest Wilson vs Packers anti-pass .

Exposure Pleon-Manning revealed that the Super Bowl will be the last battle

After the Denver’s Wild Horse, after the victory, the four-point guards, PEYTON Manning, said to the New England Patriot Coach Bill Bill Belichick, “This may be my last season.”

Wild horses are constantly, and the external hand has hurts the war.

Earlier this week, Danfo Yao Ma main coach John Fox (John Fox said that the season will carry out key phases, all teams, all players will encounter some unexpected difficulties. The horses are the same, and injuries have become stumbling blocks on them. It is good to defeat Buffalo Boel in 24-17 this week. The whole team hopes that the injuries will not affect the partitioned civil war with San Diego lightning next week.

The key point of the game is that the two quarterbacks who sword sharper, more piercing each other’s throat. As the Seahawks start line of the ball is too big a disadvantage, but the ball end on offense and defense when they can not get bit like the Eagles a huge advantage, as you navigate Wilson, perhaps it is difficult to take away a victory from Islamabad.

Pass on offense and defense, 49 defense area if you can limit the high success rate of Viking double tight end formation of the ball will be particularly critical, but the Vikings difference other difference between the value of the road team that examination Xin Sri Lanka using a long pass ratio as high as 15.1%, suddenly resorted to after a long long passes short pass will become a “needle after the end of the Hornets’ two flexible and wide receiver Shidi Feng – Diggs and Adam – Xi Lun ready anywhere tear the opponent’s defense, this corresponds to 49 air defense attempts to pass so that the average number of yards per pass attempt opponents, average yards per pass completion of all are the league minimum, which means that the opponent is not only difficult to complete long pass, would not dare long pass, so the Vikings want to quickly grab points, hit “sudden Shi Leng Jian” is extremely important.

Julius Thomas was still not played this week, but he dressed in the jersey and finished the entire game. Fox said: “If we need him, they will let him play. He is now recovering, we look forward to his return.” At the same time, some of the games also made the fans. Anderson was injured in the second half, so he did not affect him to continue the game. Attack front line players Orlando – Orlando Franklin and Louis Vasquez also once receiving treatment in the game. The two eventually returned to the competition after a short break, and the team will also further test their injuries.

The bear team will still be centered on Michelle Trubisky, Lei Ze needs to be together with Matt Nagy, and the number of collars in the field score and propulsion code number are ranked third. Wind City offensive group. It is currently not determined whether the internal base will make the power of the tactics.

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