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According to the coach Bruce Alians, the center A.Q. Xpre (A.Q. Shipley) accepted the core muscle group surgery. He was injured in the game last season, and the injury problem has been plaguing him to the break, so the surgery is in the reason.

The reporter said: “Randel’s behavior violates the union’s personal behavioral norm regulations. He got this news when training, this is one of the reasons why he left training. The accusation has been revoked, but the alliance related personnel still Investigate this event. Randel may be punished by 1 to 2 games, or it is only a fine. At present, the NFL official and NFL player guilds are going to talk about this. “

Although Bradford won the trust of his teammates, but the Hawks are willing to extend his contract is still unknown. Bradford’s contract expires at the end of the season, with the team to replace the coaching staff, quarterback issue of candidates has become more uncertain. Last season, Bradford shake off injuries, overall performance is quite satisfactory, as the season is no lack of outstanding performance. If the team decides to leave Bradford, is to use the franchise tag, or to discuss a long, both sides also need to consider the issue.

Cowboy runs to Weillan Del faces a ban on punishmentDallas denim has once again out of the scene, running Joseph Randle or will face two banned punishment. NFL official reporter first reported this news, but the alliance has not yet given formal notifications.

Jenkins said: “If the team can protect him and give him offensive weapon, and that he has the ability to become Super Bowl champions the past two seasons, there are always rumors around him especially during the first half of the season, I do not know. feel about him in the locker room, he came to be regarded as the team leader is not easy. “

When participating in the broadcast show, Smith expresses his expectations for the new season: “& hellip; & hellip; I can show your own all-round, I can kill the other side, can also rush. I am now looking forward to showing my own All talents. They will assign everyone to the go right here position, I am also very grateful. “

Ming Xiu met last season with a lottery, as a rookie passed forward, reached 21 times, was copied 6 times, and the team recorded 6-6. The Jaguji has announced this six-round show to serve as the first quarter of the season.

Sapphire center A.Q. Xpray accepted core muscle group surgeryOffering the only one of the only one in the Red Champion-Bucannon (DEONE BUCANNON) is not the only person who can’t participate in the rest during postoperative recovery.

Smith was obviously very painful after encountering opponents in Thursday night. He vowed to be a revenge of Mike Mitchell, Mike Mike Mitchell, who had to fight his teammates with him in the Black Panthers of Carolina.

Jenkins: Bradford to win the Super BowlPhiladelphia Eagles safety guard Malcolm – Jenkins (Malcolm Jenkins) great confidence in quarterback Sam – Bradford (Sam Bradford). He said in an interview, Bradford has the ability to lead the team to the Super Bowl aspirations.

Before the injury, 36-year-old Smith showed excellent in his last NFL season. He has a total of 336 yards in 23 battles in the second week and the third week, and became the first player of the first two consecutive games in the history of the crow. He is still a sixth place in NFL history (also the teenage) for two consecutive games, at least 10 times, get more than 150 yards.

Randel was found in February this year, a 23-year-old woman reported its carrying drugs and guns and harassing them. After the police survey did not find a weapon, the situation of the woman did not match it. Cowbur has been determined that Randell will not participate in this week with the Seattle Hawks. Darren McFadden will appear first.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported the four rib fractures of Steve Smith Sr. according to the informed news report. La Potter also expressed a very strong Smith, this injury is considered short-term injuries.

Americas Tiger will quit quarter Garden – Ming repair to join new crown reserves The US Tao is officially announced, including five players, including 4-point Delta, Mingshwe, have been added to the new crown reserve list.

The crow also puts a list of injuries, Michael Campanaro, which is inseparable from the intervertebral disc, meant that the season reimbursed injury reserves. These two injuries have led the crow to use a conditional draft transaction to the San Lusius ram outside Less-Givens.

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