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10. Falcon 4-point Swan Matt Ryan (ankle) is expected to return to the wheel. A defensive end of John – Keamnski (John Cominsky) ankle sprain. The team gives up the four-dimensional Danny ETLING and the corner D. J. White (D. J. White).

Arizona Red Patt this season lost the offensive group important weapons to run David – Johnson, let all fans can’t help but express their concerns for their results. However, in the last week, the team took over JJ-Nielsen stood up, 5 times, 120 yards, got a ball to fight, helping the team to defeat the pony while won the best offensive player of last week . And read the other dazzling star of Luzhou is safe Wei Timai – Matthew, he directly completed the copy in the first offense of the plus pony team, helping the team in 3 points, live to Wei .

As a child grows up in a Kansas farm, Yudi Nielsen ran like a hare in the field. Only 10 years old Nielsen is already a 400-meter champion of the National AAU League; high school, he contracted 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters and jumping championship, 100 meters and 200 meters, and 200 meters and 200 meters also broke the state record. . This speed is derived from the title of “white lightning”.

8. Case Keenum has not yet been inspected through the brain. If he can’t restore it in time, Dwayne Haskins will serve as the first. Derrius Guice (Half-Mbrke) returns to Monday, which is expected to play the jet on the jet on the 11th week.

[Preface to the event] Word, Night Cowgirl, Monday, Monday, @ 红雀This week’s Evening Night game occurs between the Kingdom two teams. As the old team, cowboy and rickets in the history of two national unions, the old opponents of the country, but due to the long-term strength, the cowboy is 55 wins and 31 points in the history of 55 wins and 31 negatives. In the four consecutive confrontings in the two teams, the two teams will travel back to the 2014 season, and the red rickets have been victorious at 28-17 in the away.

It is a great advantage for the position of Bill run without a ban. After joining the new England Patriors in Mike Gillislee, Williams is the most promising players who have been the first to race the Lesean McCoy.

Steelman Brown with Twitter to Bell Sending Incentive NewsletterPittsburgh Steelman’s External Antonio Brown has recently sent a sensitive and motivated newsletter for his teammates to run Guiden-Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell).

At present, Bell and steel people have failed to reach a long-term contract before July 17, and Bell has threatened that he hopes that he has the income of the alliance’s top running guard or the income of the league.

Dallas Cowboy has won 45 games, since 1970, only 48 people in San Francisco were more than they. Cowboy main defensive end Damus – Lawrence ushered in the big outbreak this season, in the first two games have been contributed 4 kills, in the face of the wild horses last week, Lawrence won 2 times and kills and 1 shot, helping Malik Collins successfully completed returning. In the face of the patrue, will Lawrence will continue to give it? This season, the problem of cowboy offensive, and the coach Galley blame this reason on the second grade quarter-Dak-Prescot, and the magical cowboy last season can continue them in the season. Legend, facing the red scitch, I think they should give us a answer.

For today, Nelson has already taken over 12 years. Have you heard it for a long time? Let me describe: Yudi-Nilsen 2008 draft selection conference was packaged in the package, and it has been served in the Alliance for 9 years. In other words, Nielsen has played three years and reached the NFL’s external connections. Talent, I can’t afford it.

“Rugby is his true love, but teammates don’t necessarily. I don’t think he is very cold. He is just more accustomed to thinking about the problem. For me, as long as we are in the stadium, it is still sharp, then Nothing is worried. “

No matter what Bell’s idea is, it is obvious that Brown hopes that Bell has agreed with the team as soon as possible, start preparing for the 52nd super bowl. But Brown clearly needs to wait patiently because Bell’s contract is required to do it.

Eagle coach: Consider holding more in training camps to fight trainingIn view of this year, there will be no preseason, the coaches of each team need to find new ways to make the team prepare for the new season while assessing the qualifications of competition.

Packaging workers quartz Wei Alon – Rogers undoubtedly the alliance elite quarter-off, Judi Nielsen is the most trusted ball goal on his field. The two connectors are the most beautiful two-sings in the green bay town. .

However, Rogers’ high-cooled personality is also known. He didn’t have much prior to the scene and any teammates. Nielsen is not a good friend in Rogers life, but he has a different interpretation of Rogers seems to “lonely”:

Overview: Old Eagle Earner Jackson returns to this week trainingUS Time Monday, according to the eagle master coach Doug – Pederson Doug Pederson, DESEAN JACKSON (abdomen) is expected to return this week. In the past two months, Jackson can only run run or other rehabilitation training. But he is still uncertain whether it will play this week’s game.

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