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Pedon-Manning officially returned to wild horses through physical examination

The four-point guards of Peyton Manning officially returned to Denver Horse. The team announced this news on Thursday that Manning has passed the medical examination and will return to the reconstructed contract.

The second-year quarterback in the fifth week due to the absence of competition left shoulder injury after finally restored to health. He came out a career-high 368 yards three touchdowns in the game. In the past few weeks it has been an important player Xi Mian Broncos offensive group (3 consecutive games to obtain at least two touchdowns).

Viking people still have not repeatedly withdraws the contract offer to Cook, they just will not continue to negotiate. If the street chooses to continue the rookie contract, Viking will have the opportunity to use the team privilege label in the 2021 release season.

Xi Mian told reporters on his feet “blinded … is not a serious injury,” but did not say whether he would play the next game. “Really did not think that far,” he said. “I wanted to take another look every day.”

The 2016 season, the dolphin defensive group restrictions on the 15th place of the opponent’s password number, the data is 242.2 yards, so that the opponent completes the 25th bit of the 30 position column League, which is very large. Improve space.

Broncos starting quarterback treat them carefully before the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars next game. After a poor performance in the offensive line, when the Broncos try to fight for a playoff spot Xi Mian may continue to hit in the future. If Wednesday for Xi Mian is just a day off, then in December we can look forward to more times like this.

Mike Wei and Jackson are old acquaintances, and the two have worked for three years in Washington. At present, the outer cluster of the ram is Robert Woods, Coaber Kupp, and Van Jefferson. But after the introduction of Brandin Cooks in 2019, the ram has not found an external connector that is enough to be deeply threatened.

Like the head of the front large 12 (BIG 12) partition, Jinsale is also favored by the Lincoln Riley of the Russian University of Oklahoma. . The Alliance this year is hot two quarters: Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes have also received his guidance.

Denver Broncos coach – Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak), told reporters on Wednesday, as the quarterback did not practice foot sprain. Kubiak said Xi Mian wearing a protective boot, will be examined every day.

The ram will be with an external handed Shawn Jackson signing for a year.

US Sunday, according to ESPN, the ram will be signed with the old Desert DESEAN JACKSON. Matthew Stafford takes this “喜提” long biography weapon.

Dolphin Safety: Our defensive second-line will become another bombing army

Byron Maxwell is clear how it becomes a member of an elite defensive second-line combination. Because the corner of his Miami Dolphin is a member of the Seattle Hawk.

Jackson was unveiled in the 2019 season to complete the 50 yards of more than 50 yards, but the injury restricted his performance in 2019, 2020 season. Since his career, Jackson completed 612 times, pushed 10656 yards, a total of 60 times (including 4 shocks to reach, 4 times abandoned back to attack.).

Maxwell said he saw the same talent like the Hawk on the second line of the dolphins. Maxwell is the top of the first quarter of the first quarter of the first quarter to pick up the 119 yards of the NTONIO BROWN.

Slim, jet, jet will interview South to increase the attack coordinator Jinsuri

In less than a month after the South Affairs offensive coordinator, Kliff Kingsbury began to receive an interview invitation.

“I don’t talk about the contract. I have never been discussed in 18 years. Now I don’t want to open this head,” Manning said to Denver Media on Wednesday afternoon. “I have been really hard to work hard. I am very excited to return to Denver wild horses. Waiting for the team at the April 13 team finally gathered to report to the team. I am very excited to understand new coaches and in them. I am going to play, I hope to make a special year in 2015. “

After several weeks, the two sides have finally come back to reach a consensus. Cheap nfl jerseys official website reported that Manning will receive $ 4 million in pay salary. The $ 4 million will be able to get a bonus, and if you can get $ 2 million in a $ 2 million, if you win a super bowl, you will receive $ 2 million in prize.

Cook is one of the best running guards in the final season. He has proposed a total number of code rankings for the second. After the ball is brought, it will promote a number of code 11.3, ranked NFL first. In addition, 40.6% of the balls, 40.6% can be transformed into the first attack, ranking third in the running 20th runners.

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