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After the ram spent three bad seasons, he was traded to the Detroit Lion, which was one of the potential candles of Taylor Decker instead of injuries. But he is in the sixth game of the lion & hellip; & hellip; only “big open portal” can be described. In the sixth week, his ankle was injured, followed by the team.

Bill’s external hand did not have a comparison in two quarters, but Oton did not adapt to the rush of the rush, in the one-time reporter meeting in his dressing room, Otun was asked to him than Manman The management of the attack is better. “It’s not saying that I will not”, Oton repeats, “I mean this is a long-term problem, this is a problem that is useless.”

Viking people quartz squats Cousse not full of performances last seasonMinnesota Weizhen is signed a four-point Wei Kark-Coss (Kirk Couns), I hope he can lead them to further in the playoffs. But in contrast, the team does not enter the back of the season, and the playoffs cannot be entered again.

For Manuel’s time to prove herself, his team no longer treats him as a future answer, and the reporter also migrated to another four-guard dressing room, and for the time to explain this new How good is the four-point guard.

Robinson is 1.96 m, with a weight of 151 kg, and the physical fitness is better than the cut off. Unfortunately, he is not enough for his anti-engineering ability. On the other hand, Brown has been looking for players who can replace Joe Thomas, which is probably the last chance of Robinson.

Despite the key performance of key competitions, Cosst’s data is better than Case Keenum in the 2018 season. Cossonus passed the 4298 yard (10th) 30 times to 10 times. He was killed 40 times behind the poor offensive front line of Viking.

“Brief, it is unsuccessful,” Cousins ​​said. “We have not entered the playoff game. People are highly expected, but we have failed to play the performance of the expectations, and I have been very depressed since the end of the season.”

Watekins: Oton and Manuel have selectedKyle Orton has opened in Buffalo, and Bill will have witnessed the difference between this veteran. “We have a different way to practice”, “Sammy Watkins”, “(Oton) will tell us his thoughts, he is a very experienced veteran, he Speaking, laying tactics, analytical defensive ways are somewhat different Cheap Jerseys From China EJ (EJ Manuel). “” He read the game faster, the time of the ball is faster, these are what we need to adapt. “External handle Robert – Woods ( Robert Woods also expresses changes. “He is more direct” when laying tactics, “he said,” tell us what should be observed, and ready for kicking after the layout tactics. “

Wild horses have lost four points to Saville and Texas signed a contract US Time Wednesday, Houston Texas announced a contract with a brock Osweiler, which is reported that the contract is 4 years, a value of 72 million US dollars, including $ 37 million.

“I hope that I will start tomorrow in the 2019 season,” he said. “I am going to play and make up for the performance of the 2018 season. It is necessary to wait for 7 to 8 months to return to the game.”

Osville was 25 years old, with Penipon Manning, Otton Manning, completed 1967 yards pass, 10 reaches and 6 were copied, before the 2015 season, he was in the top 3 Only 30 passes were completed in a season.

Hormon has served as Titan defensive coordinator in Tennessee over the past two seasons, but Titan is officially appointed Mike Mulakey to become a new coach team allowed him to accept Brown interview invitation. Hordon was covered by the legendary defensive coach Dick Leb (Dick Lebeau), but he still helped Titan to achieve better defensive performance than expected.

NFL official website reporter Ian RapoPort reported that Brown has signed Ray Horton as this job. The team officially announced this decision on Friday. Latport also reported that Kirby Wilson will be a team new anti-run coordinator. Former Indianapolis Pony Offense Coordinator Pep Hamilton will serve as a quarter-off coach.

Hordon will reunite with many players who have coached the only year of the Brown defense coordinator in 2013. At the time, he also left the team shortly after the Brown Scrupo Handsman Luo Bo-Chaminzinski.

In addition to McCaffli, the Black Panther is still looking for top running guards at another draft conference, because the team needs to have enough support to Cam Newton, so that the team will return to the season as soon as possible Even super bowls.

With Manning’s retirement and Osville’s departure, the Danfo wild horse will now enter the state of noise, and they are currently with Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) )touch.

From a good one, Horton learned the US Lianbei District after the Pittsburg steelman. He also knows a lot of Brown players, but he will be asked to know some new faces, including defensive disappearance, Danny-Shelton (Danny Shelton) and unpredictable corner Justine-Gilbert, if they Leave him. Maybe there will be a good result for the second time?

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