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General Manager John Elway announced that the team has renewed with Mc. This contract is 3 years, worth 112.54 million US dollars, including $ 6 million of guaranteed income. This makes him become the fourth high of the union salary.

However, since Brown now made a sincere apology, perhaps he really repentant and dedication of all forces for the Raiders. However, there may be long before we will see the next farce and his related field.

12 minutes before the opening of the game, both sides were attacked, but they did not translate into scores, relatively, the chief attack hand running more, until the 6th minute Smith took over the attack, all the way, short pass, final by Run Khals completed 2 chi-Ball reachaes, the chief is the first section of the first section at 7 to 0. In the second game, Braddy came to 3 pass to abandon the right, and the chief was running 48 yards by Nier Davis. After the Smith passed the 5 yards. Passing the ball, the chief leads in 14 to 0, then in the second quarter of the 8th minute, Braddy’s three-speed passed failure needs to abandon the play, but the patriot is replaced by the defensive group, they must not Do not request a pause to replace the kick group. The last half of the last 1 second is complete, and the first half is 17 to 0.

Speed-type near-end Radar Ladarius Green is rehabilitation from ankle surgery, and an ankle injury has been plaguing him in the second half of the season. Green announced the news of surgery when he left San Diego lightning in March.

Informed sources said Brown for the team’s penalty dissatisfaction, after seeing Mei Yueke watch the training, he walked over and Mei Yueke conversation. But then escalation, the Mei Yueke Brown called “white pig” and uses a series of curse words to him in the dispute. Brown also threatened to beat Mei Yueke face and kicked a football, the latter promise to have the ability to fine him.

However, the situation seems to have followed turnaround. According to informed sources, the team meeting on Friday, Brown stood by the team captain, made a “true feelings of apology.” The source said the remaining members of the team treated like family, like look at his apology. Brown made his apology and currently there may be able to play the team’s season opener.

According to informed sources said Wednesday, in the middle of training, and general manager Mike Brown – Mei Yueke (Mike Mayock) spoke. But the two sides of the dialogue that followed, escalating into conflicts.

McMarus has recently said that the new contract will soon become possible. “I want to obviously you will always look forward to your location,” Macmanus said. “This is my position, so I really think so. And if you miss a few times, you will have trouble. Obviously we will wait to see what will happen. I am very excited.”

US time on Tuesday, AAF informed the staff by email, and decided to stop the alliance operation immediately. In the email, Wholesale Nfl Jerseys you will leave a small number of staff to find more investment and restructuring the business structure. If this attempt is successful, existing staff may continue to work next season.

The famous notes identification expert Steve Grad (Steve Grad), said that Dako’s signature is from the machine, he said: “These signatures have very mechanized feelings, you can obviously see the beginning and end position, so I Realizing this is the machine is completed, I have never heard of which professional athlete will act so. “

Recent ESPN reporters pointed out that Dako was accused of using the machine to complete personal signatures, “Prabook uses the machine to complete the signature for the souvenir company for collectors.”

Mc. McMarus tried 82 arbitrage shoots in 3 years for wild horses, completed 68 times, of which the movie reached 57 yards. He also tried 110 times to attach a shot, complete 108 times. Last season, Macmanus was only missed 5 times in 34 arbitrage shoots.

According to the first reporter reporter, AAF owner Tom Dundon may suffer from 70 million US dollars, so he made the decision of suspension of operation, even though this “and common founders Charlie-Ai CHARLIE EBERSOL and Bill Polian is contrary. “

After news of the parties to the conflict news story, there is news that the Raiders prepare for the implementation of suspensions Brown, he is not expected to attend the season opener against the Denver Broncos. All the squad are captain position will support any decision made by Gruden.

“This is a difficult part,” Rosrisberg said. “I only know the news I have heard and the performance when I have seen. I am very excited that he can join us, just uncertain when he can participate in the training. We have been communicating behind the scene after training. So I hope that he is ready to train when he is ready.

Brown, general manager of the team with the conflict occurred outside the Raiders took over has made an apologyBeijing September 7 hearing in the absence of the training after the team was fine, outside the Oakland Raiders took over Antonio – Brown (Antonio Brown) publicly expressed dissatisfaction. This intensified the contradiction between him and the team.

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