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“We are very excited to make Hurope lifelong fatigue in the falcon,” The team boss Arthur Blank “is expressed in the statement. “Huri has established one of his career, he has settled the number of teams in the top of the team. I am very proud of his achievements. He just played his own. potential.”

Camper – Newton’s Telt Week Life PlanThis week is the Raolina Black Leopard, which seems to be a bit early for the current 4 wins and 0 negative teams. Because they will face the 2nd National Federation of the World Words, the Seattle Hawks.

The team announced on Saturday that they have been with Jones for 5 years. NFL official website reporter Ian RapoPort reported that this 5-year contract is $ 712.25 million, including $ 47 million in guarantee income.

Braddy is so explained to his own double personality: “I am not sure the feeling of emotionalization, but I just have the best in the emotional state, I tried to rest all over week, I am emotionally emotional, which is Sunday. The 3 hours. This is what I found to help me maintain the balance of life, I can deal with tactics, organize attacks. Emotional practices are very important to me. “

The Falcon was selected from the Sixth Sixth to the sixth step in the selection of the Sixth, and he also played the performance of the team. In the 4 seasons, Jones completed 278 battles to get 4330 yards 26 times. The 26-year-old Jones created 1593 yards record records recorded in the 2014 season. Every time he got a 15.6 yard and a 88.4 yard in each game is the best data in Cheap Nfl jerseys history.

Last Sunday Durant was invited to watch the red skin home with 41 more than 10 victory. Jacksonville. He is wearing Griffin III’s jersey, screaming for the red skin, but there is a scene that is not noticed by everyone. Thursday Durant showed his red leather game ball on his own instagram, and was printed with his name and watching the game.

Although the Jones is currently unanimously praised in the team, it is necessary to pay attention to the current training in the current training, there is no need to wear armor. Training before the training camp is not allowed to be bodied. So it is easy to expire over some training at this stage.

Anyway, in the next week, I will face the Hawks for the Black Leopard and Newton. Newton said that he would not care about the noise at the scene, the team just ended the four games, he hopes that the team can complete 19 games this season. competition.

Two people maintain a healthy will be one of the key factors that the patriots succeed in the new season. If you can stay healthy, Newton can bring the upper limit of the MVP level for the Patriots Offense Group, while allowing offensive tactics. If Sanu can restore health, he can significantly strengthen the strength of the outer junction.

Jones and Dallas denim came out Dez Bryant, Denver’s wild horse took over Demarryius Thomas, became the top outer junction of the big contract in this summer. Jones’s $ 47 million security income is slightly Bryant ($ 45 million) and Thomas ($ 43.5 million). Cincinnati Mason’s outer junction A.j. A.j. Green’s broker now feels very confident.

The team’s four-point guards, Cam Newton, said that although this week is not suitable for your body to take a break, this is the idea in his own heart. He said he plan to let himself relax. He will return to his hometown Atlanta, spend the weekend with his family, and go to the high school of the brothers to see a high school football game, go to the church in Sunday.

Giants near-edger Engegram praised the new show quarter to Jones learning speedBeijing May 18th, New York Giants, Mike Shula, Mike Shula, thinks that the rookie four points satellite – Daniel Jones can play in the first week in the first week. This speech has caused the attention of the outside world.

We really can often see emotional Braddy, especially when the patriots are backward or passing the copy. This Sunday will be Breddy’s 9th Melan Championship, which is an outstanding glory for a four-point guard in 15 seasons. If the emotional and passion is the way Braddy wins, then he is correct.

However, you can believe that Jones will use every opportunity to continue to learn offensive tactics. The current report shows that he is growing in a positive direction. But until the players wear armor began to fight him to usually ushered in the real test.

NBA Star Durant won the red leather game For us, this is a big surprise, the NBA star Kevin Durant is a loyal fan of the DC Stadium (the home name of Washington Red Leather). He was born in Rockville in Maryland, and Where you like the team game from the little.

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