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After the conversion of the ball, the Washington team got up from the new show, Antonio-Gibson (Antonio Gibson), and let the Washington lead 10 points, and let the competition will thoroughly tilt them. .

After the public questioned the role in the team, Bente was placed on December 8 last year because the rib fracture was placed in the injury reserve list. He completed 53 battles last season to get 439 yards 3 times. In the three seasons of the Trendy Bear, the NG has completed the 2114 yards of the 2114 yards at the next anniversary.

“Obviously, the study of the game is one of the reasons why I decided to use this tactics, but when you decide, you obviously hope to complete the four-speed conversion,” McCarti said. “You obviously understand what options you have in four gears: You either transform success or fail. You always know this when you are facing four gears … this is the situation in the game. All these factors have affected the decision. I Very confident in our players, decided to let them get an opportunity to complete important advancement. “

Bell’s teammates can’t wait for him to return to the court. “I know that he has been working hard. He has been involved in the team’s affairs. He can’t wait to return to the course. We will warmly welcome him back,” the close-end Hes Miller “said.

Cowboy coach: The fourth quarter uses a false to abandon the tactics.When Dallas Cowboy was only in the fourth quarter of Thanksgiving Wars 4 minutes, the coach McCarthy made a decision that may change the situation of the entire country.

He told reporters: “I am very excited to see Robinson’s performance, I think he will be the best corner of this partition, I know what I am talking about, I know what a very famous angle guard is in this partition or even this alliance “

About 12 minutes left in the game, the cowboy faces the four-speed 10 yards in the 24-yard line. They sent a special team to prepare the kick, but McCarthy and Technical Group Coordinator John Fasier tried to confuse the opponent with a pseudo-kick. However, the Washington team responded in time, and the final holding the ball, Cedrick Wilson, was smashed 1 yard before the start of the bank.

In the next game, when the cowboy faces the four-speed 11 yard offense and the distance behind the 2nd reached the score, they will not be so radical, choose to abandon the kick. The Washington team then drifted all the way, and got up again. In the subsequent attack, they completed the copy of the copy to reach. In the end, the Washington team gains a big victory and set up the country.

Matthew had a small setback in the first three seasons in Philadelphia, although it was only absent from 2 games because of injury, but he did not have a very efficient performance, and his purpose of Bill trading was to play it immediately. .

Perhaps the opportunity to win the opportunity or at least the leading chance is about to slip away, McCarthy takes the hand of the hand and decides to gamble. He insisted that the situation on the field was mature, and this bold tactics can be used.

“I think this is a good thing. Of course, it is not a ban on the game. I still can follow everything, so when I return, I will not lose, and I don’t have to catch the progress with the tightening team. … I I am very happy to return to the stadium. “

Steel man runs 卫 Bell: Happy to return to the courseCheer Pittsburgh steel fans! Run Verievone – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) returned to the team this week after accepting two banned punishments, he will play the competition of St. Louis ram in the third week.

49 people will think that Corner Robinson is expected to surpass ShermanSan Francisco 49 new Jinzhan Elvis Dumervil has recently observed the training of rashard Robinson, and expressed its appreciation for Robinson.

“I talked to him after the end of the season,” Pace said in the NFL body test. “I haven’t talked with him recently. He really has a contract in the body. We have some players soon no contract, so that is what we are concerned now.”

Jordan – Massatus first Bill training injury Buffalo’s previous Sammy Watkins in the injured list arrived in Los Angeles ram, in order to fill his vacancy, they came from Philadelphia Eagle trades Jordan Matthews. .

But everything did not follow Bill’s idea, in the first training of Bill, Matthew was hurt, his chest position was injured, although he still returned to training after injury, but he did not participate in the media conference after training. This may be a bad sign.

“If you have always considered negative factors, you can’t do anything,” McChak said. “Obviously this is a good tactical decision. learn this here now is a very good tactical design. Their staring in the player is very good, and I have seen it directly. He lets our Scetrick play.”

During his ban, Bell was allowed to conduct personal training in the team base and participated in all players. But he was banned from participating or watched the team training. Bell said to the local media despite the ban on him, it is able to stay in the team to help him follow the team trend.

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