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In the team and quarterback Russell – after Wilson (Russell Wilson) contract, cheap nfl jerseys from china‘s official website reported that the team has agreed to work with middle linebacker Bobby – Wagner (Russell Wilson) contract for four years. Reporter Ian – Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) disclose contract extension worth 43 million US dollars to guarantee revenues of $ 22 million.

Former Giants runowed Orleans – Dickva can restore training by checking

Last season, the Washing Code is ranked first for Nagaya.vc the New York Giants The first running Guide – Dickwa (Orleans Darkwa) is still free players. But he is still a good news now.

Oakley before and NFL cooperates to develop this nozzle. Similar to the popular goggles, the nozzle can also be installed on the mask to prevent foam spread. The nozzle is made of transparent plastic, with cracks or small holes, while blocking the foam directly propagates, and guarantees gas permeability and communication efficiency.

For three seasons the Seahawks have been the league’s top teams, so long stable performance in this day and age in addition to – Tom Brady (Tom Brady) or Peyton – Manning outside the team (Peyton Manning) is not always able to see. After this wave of renewal, the Seahawks after Brady and Manning eventually retire can continue to maintain such a strong level.

ESPN: Manzel is not suitable for a large number of bullets

Earlier this week, the university coach of a Southwest Union once said that Cleveland’s use of Johnny Manziel is not correct: “If you want to develop all the potential of Manzell, you It is necessary to put him behind the center. Then he shorteded the ball and let him follow-time. “

His speed anti-run, intuitive and aggressive rare. In the anti-biography he played an important role, and appear in court in various regions of the team’s defeat in this year’s Super Bowl. If we can not substitute for the Seahawks defensive player sort the words, Wagner may be ranked in the security guard Earl – After Thomas (Earl Thomas) ranked second. His contract reflects that.

Wagner from the University of Utah since the second round of the 2012 draft, was selected into the league Seahawks has been one of the best players in that position. Even last season he missed five games because of injury last season, is still his best performance of the season.

Hard not to notice the day after Wagner renewal Wilson also complete the contract. Wilson is the group leader of the offensive, defensive and Wagner is responsible for all group tactical command. After his return from injury directly enhance the performance of the Seahawks defense group last year.

This contract marks the Seahawks completed a productive offseason. General Manager John – Schneider (John Schneider) and head coach Pete – Carroll (Pete Carroll) gather together the core talent lineup is crazy: Wilson, Wagner, Jimmy – Graham (Jimmy Graham), Richard – Cher Man (Richard Sherman), Earl – Thomas (Earl Thomas), Kamm – Chancellor (Kam Chancellor), KJ Wright (KJ Wright), – Michael Bennett (Michael Bennett), Cliff – Ai Weier (Cliff Avril) and Xiaoen – Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) contracts with the team at least until the 2017 season.

Data Display:

Manzell participated in the 54th attack, of which 43 were scattered.

For the Sinnati ram tiger, Manze offensive 38 files, of which 34 of them were scattered, and the ratio was 89.5%.

For the Black Leopard, Mandalan, Mande offense 16 files, 90 of which scattered gun array, proportion of 56.3%.

Manzell has a total of 5 unconstrators, both appearing in the game with the tiger.

Miami Dolphin Master Adam Gas was Carterler’s offensive coach. He thought that Kutler still had the first strength, he said: “I have a very good experience with him, I don’t feel his bad I saw a hard-trained person tried to do everything to help the team won the victory, he sacrificed his body. For me, he is a professional player, a four-point guard you can pass. When you encounter the third gear attack, you will always choose a bad tactics. This is the reason why he is ill, but he has done a lot of good things, I think he is still worthy of the team. “

Journey to Todder – Gri Plan visit Patriot

According to the current situation, the University of Georgia’s race Todd Glley fell to the first round of the last few possibilities, and only the first round of the last few teams may put the olive branch. Turn to him.

According to CSNNE, Gri will travel to New England Patriots in a certain day. Because the body check shows that his knee has no problem, it is expected that the Glie’s draft will be 16 or 26. From the perspective of overall situation, the Patriots will choose to get Glie unless transaction occurs.

Manzel has been saying that he wants to play with your own way. He hopes to simplify the attack and make a decision quickly, vigorously pass the ball, not everywhere. For Brown, they hope to let this rookie four-breakfare to transform as soon as possible. However, they are blind and thinking when making tactics. The ability and mind of Manzel is indeed one of the reasons why he is struggling in the rookie season, but the team’s tactical arrangements and training methods have also affected his growth.

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