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“Some Chicago people heard that I finally decided to leave, and the news that nurture the body will be very happy. There is also the Chicago people will be very sad. No matter what you think, I just want to tell you one thing, can be in your city After these, it is my luck. When I am in Chicago, I will help me grow up, thank you. “

[Defensive group] How is Qiangwei made up?

As a strong side security, there are generally two responsibilities & mdash; & mdash; prevent running balls, destroy the ball. If you want to be a strong, you must be able to be good at defending the ball like a corner, and you have to have the same capacity like a wire guard. Here are some basic knowledge about strong guides.

After receiving an interview, the Curre gave his forecast. He believed that the Black Leopard will overcome the Dan Buddha wild horse on February 7, USA, and the Curre is also given before this game. Jinzhou Warriors will also overcome the forecast of the Russian Oklahoma. Kuritan said: “This will be 2 victories within 48 hours.”

Red skin rookie outer handle Gandon has confirmed new coronal pneumonia

In the NFL draft in April this year, Antonio Gandy-Golden became one of the selected talents, achieving his dreams for many years. However, there is no bumpy on the road of dreams.

Strong Guard can judge the attack of the offensive party to attack the attack or pass the ball attack by observing the movement of the offensive. If he tries to push the defensive players in front, it is likely to be a running attack. If he jogs elsewhere or looks back, it is basically passing.

Since his career twenty-two years, he won the super bowl four times (the most in playing in the hands of the game), playing 30 playoffs, scored 2487 Ranking League History, second only to Morten Anderson (2544 ).

Vanatiyeri is a 1996 elected show, signing with the new England cheap jerseys patriots, and then enter the super bowl, but lost to the Green Bay packaging. This does not affect the dramadi cups they won later 2001, 2003 and 2004. Vanatiyeri also contributed a winning ball in the first two trophies.

Basic defensive formation, a strong offensive formation Wei stand side of strong, leaving wire around the ball about 6-7 yards, at some distance from the outermost offensive player. This location can simultaneously block the running ball and destroy the pass.

Chi Friendly: The moment when the draft is selected is the moment of life

Beijing April 27th, cheap jerseys in the second round of this year, Los Angeles ram is selected from the 61st suggestion of the Chow: Taylor Rapp. This is the first time they pick John Johnson III for the first time after John Johnson III in 2017.

If you find that the player runs to you, the duties of the Guard are to complete the crowd, or press him in the middle of the court, so that the teammates complete the defense. If there is a player to block the strong, at least to contact and stride the player, force him to move in the field. If you hold the player to Qiang Wei reverse running, not to chase, to ensure that the other party fold back the offensive line, you can complete grapple, others will defend the other side. Once it is determined that the offensive route will not change, you can chase.

During the declaration: “During the draft training, I was diagnosed with new crown viruses at 3.24. Wonderful is that my symptoms are lighter. I still follow the expert guidance, I have separated my two weeks. I have been rehabilled in 4.7 days. Now I The feeling is excellent, I look forward to the stage of the stadium for red skin! “

Last season, the four-point guardian Dru Luck (Andrew Luck) was only winning 4-12 achievements because of injury. However, Venatiyeri’s performance is not low, and his 34 free kicks have tried 29 times (hit rate 85.3%), even higher than their own career average.

If facing the sports offense, prevent the player from being advanced (or press the player in the middle of the plane). If you face the ball attack, quickly enter your own defensive area. The faster the running ball attack or pass the attack, the more beneficial to defense. So pay attention to the situation on the field.

After being selected, Chi Friendly accepted the interview with Los Angeles media. He said: “I dreamed this moment, I will walk in my dreams, I will be in the dream & mdash; & mdash; this is difficult to believe in the moment Remember firmly.”

Mike Wei compared the Chi Youjun and the two first security guards: “For Eric and J.J. There are a lot of love you will feel. We feel that Chi Friends will have many similar conditions and characteristics.”

At present, the starting safety combination in the male array is the old Eric Wedr and Johnson. Chi Yu Jun said: “Obviously I will join the team, will be in Eric Weddle & mdash; & mdash; a old will be a unbelievable player after he is an incredible player after John Johnson. The team is studying in them, this is an incredible opportunity, which is perfect for me. I can’t ask more. “

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