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The team’s offensive line is told by Lane Johnson: “If we are blood washed without rebellion, or we haven’t taken it once, then please laugh at us. This is not our Home advantage? Ok, we don’t have to care about it. “

“Everyone knows that there is a young quarterfield in our team. This is also one of the focus. But the overall attack is also very important, this is also the development trend of the alliance. We feel that people who are good at arrangeing attacks, here People who have experienced experience and more fruitful, when they have passed the coach. & Hellip; & hellip; Kimberley meets these conditions, I look forward to him to let our attack more, continue to compete in the Alliance. “

Unfortunately, Foster and many running guards are suffering from injuries. He accepted the lumbar interpolation removal so that its 2013 season ended in advance after 8 games. After the 2014 season, the rushing ball acquired 1246 yards 8 times, after the last season, he was reimbursed by the loose torn season, only four games.

“I really use these times in psychological, stronger,” Newton said. “I think this is the most important. I am now interested in meditation every morning. It is like a fish to leave the water now. In addition to the Carolina Black Panther, I don’t know if I don’t know. Like I want God to guide my path, put me in me and become my own position. But the most important thing is that I still need to become better. “

Children growing up in Europe, it is difficult for football. In Germany, I lived in 8 years and lived in the UK for 3 years, and there is only a football in the heart of Lak. Even today, his favorite team is a large Union Houston Dynamem.

In the first two seasons, Rak’s injury made him missed a lot of regular games. However, the pony has never gave up him. On the one hand, the healthy Rack is really dazzling; on the other hand, Tuch in the high school period has a manifestation of the king.

29-year-old Foster has an incredible career in Texas. The new show with its own all-around skills and the outstanding understanding of the area covering the rushing system in the team standing in the team, in 2010 to 2012, a total of 4264 yards 41 times. During this time, he also completed more than 100 battles and got 1438 yards 6 times.

Ramsse has been selected for a career bowl, one for a while. In October last year, the ram used 2020 and 2021 first round, and the 2021 four-wheel signed trading won Ramse, which will lead the team to defense with the defensive cutoff Alon Donald.

JOSBERHHHHHH RONEN: “His talent is different, one of the most talented passes, I am also very happy to have the opportunity to guide him and help him grow. But cheap Jerseys From China In terms of passing, it is difficult to find people better than him. “

A week ago, Trick Smith, General Manager of Texas, said that if the team decided to cut off Foster, it would not be because of his annual salary. Foster was originally salary next season to $ 6.5 million.

Johnson was selected in the fourth round of 2013, and he later told reporters: “I know that the fans are very angry, they are very concerned about the team, I am also, we want to win because this is what we are eager to bring a championship. “

“I have entered an unknown field in my career. Do you understand what I am talking about? Can stay with my children is obviously the biggest benefit. My son didn’t have to get along with me so long, he didn’t know what happened, “Newton said. He said that children are uncertain to him more time and they should be excited.

It is the biggest reason to look at a health. According to the Lavangport report, “the possibility” is “the biggest reason” that causes Foster by Diavester. Latport also indicates that Foster has resumed health according to the insider message, but the team may want to see him at full speed before signing him, https://docs.Vcloud.ai:443/index.php/Marriage_And_Cheap_Nfl_Jerseys_Have_More_In_Widespread_Than_You_Think so he may go to the June Mini Training Camp. You can find new east before the start.

“As the season unveiled, I started, I began a little excessive anxiety, too much about this matter.” Rams said, “But it can complete the renewal before unveiling the battle, completed before this week. , Very significant for me. “

Hold a bachelor’s degree in architectural design, will you consider entering the design area after retiring? According to Lak himself: “Why isn’t it?” But the probability should be the nature of the ticket. After all, the former history is the largest contract owner, and Lak may be more willing to regard design as an interest.

Beijing time on December 31st, at 9:20 am, Indianapolis Pony will be in the 17th week of regular season, that is, the routine final battle to challenge Tennesi Toyan. Do you lead the pony to the Pony? let us wait and see!

The red rock boss talks about the coach decision: people who need to find a good at attack

Last year, the red foul choosed to make a leadership, Steve Wilks, who was famous for defense, and the results were not too good. So this year, they chose to let the offensive excellent Kliff Kingsbury as coach, even if he has not had NFL coaching experience.

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