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As a row of Rawls, Rawls, this season, in the case of Masshawn Lynch, he has accumulated 786 yards in the case of injury, and he has accumulated 786 yards, and the code is 5.6 yards. Although he only came to 7 times, the number of punch codes had entered the top ten of the league.

Glaham is explained: “In the past two years, I need to do it to block and go out to find a chance, now I need to block more time, I like this, this is an important part I am here, this It is a 75% of me here, I want to be part of this team. “

The patriot will run the Sony Michel sniper season to accept foot surgery and have not been involved in the complete training camp. After the replacement of Brandon – Brandon Bolden, choose to withdraw cheap jerseys from china the season.

Norman with his performance is the name for themselves: five tackles (four separate grapple), one steals, one forcing the other off the ball. These helped lead the Redskins to get seventeen minutes and the final score to 23-17 win.

If Glaham is your Fantasy player, you may feel painful. In the past four seasons, Glaham has completed 89 times a year, and the 1099 yards were promoted to complete 11.5 reachaes. If the report is true, then his ball will be reduced to 25%.

In the time of Temple, Miller scored 716 times, pushed 2934 yards, reached 13 times. At the same time, he also completed 92 battles, reached 5 times. Before the season reimbursement, Texas coach Bill O’Brien (Brien) appreciated Miller’s pass covering capabilities.

Redskins coach told reporters: “I do not know how that thing before fermentation on the network, but I and Josh quickly and well and we are happy to see him this time have such a good performance, especially that is. to his old club game, I know it means a lot to him, I’m happy for him in this manifestations. “

The wild horse quadrant enters the new crown list, and the hand is temporarily served.

On the eve of the New Orleans Saint Competition, Denver Morn Horse was unfortunately encountered unprecedented trouble.

This season’s packaging workers lost their number of Jordy Nelson before the start of the season, and Davante Adams were also injured in front of the game. Even so, the packaging is still completed under the leadership of Rogers, James Jones, Jaly Abbredris, and Jeff Janis, still completed. A great game.

Haiying a rookie running to the Luols monte reimbursement

The Seattle Hawks were suffering from the bad news, and the team’s rhetoric Rawls was injured in this week’s competition, and he will therefore absent the rest of this season. Pete Carroll determines this message. Rawls is injured in the first attack in the Hawks.

Packaging industry take over the contusion of the lungs

Green Bay packaging works outside the Landall Cobb injured in the lungs in the game, which also made the team’s attack more difficult. The final packageman is responsible in the overtime. Koh is injured after the second section of the blessing, and after the shortage of injury is simple, Kobo does not return to the game.

Fifth week of a big deficit lost to the Saints game, when coach at halftime lecture, Norman has been wearing headphones, he did not play the second half. He also fell in the first half of each other a touchdown.

At that time, Kubble received the long biography of Aaron Rodgers, using high-difficult ball helping the team to advance the opponent’s side. Despite the self-directed long-distance men, he then has symptoms of nausea and cough, even vomiting blood. The team also immediately arranged him to return to the locker room for treatment.

Jimmy-Glaham 75% of the time will be open to Lynch

When the close-up of Seattle Hawks, Jimmy Graham, when the Saint, New Orleans, was the ball. At that time, he didn’t need to open the way. Now, it is now transformed from the role of Seyutigraham, and he needs more ways to open.

The spatant group has taken over the Hendall Hinton has been upgraded to the big list, and he is expected to get a lot of appearance time in the four-defense position. It is considered that the team emergency quadrant running Weight Freeman may also get the time of the four-guard position.

After losing Rawls, the Hawks got 4 winnings while got 4 winnings while gotting 4 games. However, if you want to go further, the Hawks need to find the right running guards as soon as possible to share the pressure of Wilson.

wholesale nfl jerseys TV reporter James Palmer and Ian Rapople have reported that 3 quadrants are asked to leave Saturday training and receive further close contact. After a few hours they were identified as high-risk contacts. The wild horses face an amazing reality: they will not have four points in the list when they have 8 wins and 2 losses.

Before the game against the Saint, the record of the wild horse is 4 wins and 6 losses, and it is still expected to enter the playoffs. This game originally opposed to the Saint is not worthy of attention for most people. But now this temporary change clearly adds the point of view.

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