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According to the Lapotport report, there is no team like packaging so interested to pick up Juff. Now the outside world will pay attention to the team’s quarter-off the four-point Weibal Fallen Falf (Brett Favre). However, it seems that the packaging work has not been planned to be transferred this year or next year.

NHF is in GuangzhouGzhou

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1 year contract means that Lynch needs to prove himself in the new season, which depends on his physical condition and health, after he encountered difficulties in these two areas. After his rookie season, 1178 yards rushing made 11 touchdowns, his number and the number of red balls for several front yards rushing reducing year by year. Lacey last season, played only five games and was placed on the injured reserve list in October.

In this way, Watt’s contract has a qualitative leap. He is selected in the 11th round of 2011, and the new show is $ 8.1 million in 2 years. Next, Watt will get $ 1.9 million in 2014, and $ 6.9 million in 2015.

If the team has found the future, most people think this is a good thing. However, the packaged package of the scene is to bite tooth for the draft, but the package will never take into account other options. NFL TV network reporter Ian Rapoport reported that in the draft period, the packaging workers “firm” wanted to pick up Utah, Jordan Love. They arranged a multi-transaction, including the Seattle Hawiel trading came to Chain 27.

Berry will make a detailed description of the media on Wednesday, and the Airate team will also elaborate the follow-up treatment plan of Beli in the outside world. Successful return to the field training undoubtedly declares that Berry’s health is greatly improved, indicating that Berry himself and its team have sufficient confidence in his physical condition. The chief representation that Berry is confirmed to return to click through the next page training ground after accepting repeated inspections.

The package was finally traded with the Hawiel, because they were traded with Miami dolphins, and they went to the 26th step to pick the Duff, and their decision made the fans shocked. After all, they can add offensive weapons for the team.

Nearly 52 million US dollars in this contract are guaranteed, which also makes Watt have the highest defensive players in NFL income. The highest defensive players in his previous income are Mario Williams, and he is a 6-year 96 million US dollars signed with Buffalo, 50 million there is guaranteed.

Berry was selected by the chief of the first round of the first round of the first round, and the defensive capacity was fully selected, and the defensive ability is one of the representatives of the new generation of the alliance. However, although Berry has begun to train, when can I return to the official game or an unknown number.

Berry’s returning is a comfort of the chief because it will accept the knee surgery by the same day, the DONTARI POE will receive knee surgery because of the injury. It is likely to absent some regular sessions. In addition, the main corner of the team, Schan Smith, also was banned from the three games.

J. J. Watt and Texas signed a big contract for $ 100 million

In mid-August, JJ Watwatt said: “I have a good contract before the regular season.” Now I seem to have heard his voice, just On September 2, Beijing, Watt and Texas signed a 6-year contract with a total value of $ 100 million.

The chief announced Eric – Berry will return to the game

Kansas City chief announced that this team was safeguarded on Tuesday night, and the Eric Berry confirmed that he would return to the field at local time on Wednesday morning. Since December last year, there is a treatment of Hodgkin’s lymphoid cancer, Berry has been treated, and he has also missed the final five games last season until his cancer treatment is over last month.

Lacey in October last year after undergoing surgery today to re-train hard in the offseason, which he is likely to rebound next season. Of course, the Seahawks offensive group in the past has proved well suited to play running back, this may be the reason Lacey decided to join the Seahawks.

When training with Denver’s wild horse in mid-August, Watt is particularly mentioned that the new contract is the importance of playing the ball for three years. Watt said: “I think one of the goals of life is to make people to earn some parties. When I talk to you, I didn’t mention the big contract, in fact, they said that we think we feel You can earn this, I don’t know what the Dezhou is thinking, but I am sure that I have made all efforts to the team, and everything I have to put it. I hope to earn me. “In fact, Watt is the third professional season in his 25 years old. The 2012 season he got 20.5 killing leads the entire NFL, and that season he is a benchmark of the entire league defensive player.

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