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Wilson’s first 48 games in the past three seasons have completed 9950 yards, as well as 72 reacted and 26 cases. His career ratings are 98.6. And he also brought a super bowl to the team. But we still can’t give him a top quarter-off evaluation.

Kyler Murray cheap Nfl jerseys from china the University of Oklahoma is one of the 23 people attend, and he is also a champion of many people think. Last year, 22 players received 22 players to participate in the draft, and 7 players were selected in the first ten signs of the first round. However, last year’s championed Baker Baker Mayfield did not attend.

“I have recently said to myself, I have to retrieve the previous state.” Neil said, “My reading is more clear, you can better understand tactics. If you go to the next time, you can go to the position, everything is back. “

Neil said to the reporter: “The reason why I lose weight is to make myself more smooth. The weight is similar to my rookie, the effect is very smooth. My action is more smooth, I feel better to myself. I am I am very satisfied now. “

Neil In 2018, the scene was revealed in front of the knee, and the season reimbursement was announced early. He played 3 games in 2019, and then torn his Achilles tendon. These injuries have made him commit weight to lose weight.

One day of rest should help Hilton will return to the court at night. If Hilton cannot completely recover, four-point guardian Andrew Luck will rely on Dong Te Moncrief and New Xiufert-Dot (Phillip Dorset), and old will Andre Johnson (Andre Johnson) ) To fill Hilton’s vacancy.

Seattle Hawie: Will Wilson 20 million contractsSeattle Hawks and your four-point satellite Wilsell Wilson encountered the problem of discussing their contractual issues, Wilson has a year to end the rookie contract.

Gilbert is the six-round show of the raft, who has trained in the training lineup of the patriots, the lions and the raid, and the big list of farten periods is signed in the panther training lineup this year.

After the first week of the fourth quarter of the Buffalo Bier, this is the first time this Pony head number will participate in training this week. Although he left in advance, Hilton took the 88 yard data leading the team with 7 clicks. “Depending on the reaction of my knees tomorrow,” Hilton said to the media. “It is a great thing to play in the game on Monday.”

Black Leopard from training lineup to kilbert US Time Monday, Carolina Black Leopard announced that Garrett Gilbert will be promoted from the training lineup to the big list. Safety Dezman Southward is therefore decentr.

On Monday, Carter was about to attend the Gao Ji 50 spending at the end of training and said that if he completed the shooting team, he could end the training. Agua was successful, his teammates celebrated him. They also made him talk about the merchants after training. “I haven’t had such a feeling for a long time … winning the shooting of the game,” Agua said.

The problem is that both parties have a huge gap in the contract, which is reported that Wilson wants to get a contract worth $ 2 million per year, which is 5 years. The sea eagle is completely unable to do, and the Hawks will allow Wilson to complete the last year rather than the contract. If such a thing happens, the Hawks can give Wilson’s special right to ensure that he stays until 2017. When Wilson is coming, he is 26 years old, it is a fairly unsupported age.

Curt was asked whether he believed that the poor performance of Aguao is related to psychological factors. Carted gave an affirmative answer. The Agua Confusion also admits this, he said that his confidence has been affected.

In the first two episodes, he had two arbitrage shoots and 1 additional shot. In the entire college career of Florida State University, he was in addition to the 198th attempts in addition to the shooting door, and only 9 arbitrage shots failed.

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